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    Environmental Hazards Methodologies for Risk Assessment and Management

    From the beginning of 21st century, there has been an awareness of risk in the environment along with a growing concern for the continuing potential ...

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    Urban Pluvial and Coincidental Flooding

    Pluvial flooding is defined as flooding that results from rainfall-generated overland flow, before the runoff enters any watercourse or sewer.  It is ...

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    Flood Risk: The Holistic Perspective

    According to the International Disaster Database (EM-DAT), over the last seventy years, floods have shown the fastest rate of increase relative to ...

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    Unflooding Asia the Green Cities Way

    A continuing increase in disasters triggered by floods occurs almost daily even though our technological capabilities have grown rapidly and global ...

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    Flood Risk

    Flood Risk: Planning, Design and Management of Flood Defence Infrastructure is the definitive practical handbook on design and maintenance of flood ...

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  • Aquobex Ltd.

    Aquobex Ltd.

    Aquobex design and engineer world-class flood resilience solutions. Our research-led approach is based on a deep understanding of how our built ...

  • Flood Protection Solutions Ltd

    Flood Protection Solutions Ltd

    Flood Protection Solutions Ltd was founded in 2012, and has since grown into one of the UK’s leading flood defence companies. Flooding causes ...


    Settling tank inlets, overflow sills, skimmers / WATER / Mechanical-physical processes. Retention, anti-flood equipment and spill containment product ...



    Prodall Europe is a firstclass european manufacturer of wastewater treatment plants with a range between 50 equivalents and 3000 equivalents. Prodall ...

  • Big Bags USA

    Big Bags USA

    For all of us at DRIPS LLC and BIG BAGS USA our main objective is to assist communities and individuals in times of need. We would like to assist you ...