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  • Flood Attenuation
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    Flood Attenuation

    By RainCatcher Products & Services

    Hydrosack. Instant flood bag. Replaces sand bags forever. Absorbs up to 20 litres. Perfect for emergency flooding. Built in handles for easy lifting. Acts as a flood barrier. Eco friendly product.

  • Open Set Pump
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    Open Set Pump

    By Maris Pumps Ltd

    4" (100mm) Automatic Priming PumpThe SPP AUTOPRIME ACE100 pump is a 4" (100mm) diesel driven pump unit. Its compact design allows for ease of handling and gives the ability to pump liquids containing sand, sewage and ...

  • Reservoir System
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    Reservoir System

    By NOAH GmbH Water Secure Systems

    An effective early warning system is naturally a good thing. But the top priority in the face of impending flood waters is the ability to respond quickly and flexibly. The NOAH HSW reservoir system has obvious ...

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  • Bad Axe Products, LLC.

    And oftentimes it involves the cleanup of potentially dangerous substances – mold, viruses, bacteria, air-borne particulate, sewage, flood-water, ...

  • Wilsham Consulting Ltd

    Wilsham Consulting Ltd

    Proudly small and independent – a leading UK civil engineering consultancy, in water, flooding and sustainability. Our positioning in the civil ...