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  • We Should All Expect More From Our Technology

    Being Effective and Making Life EasierIn search of mythsThe world expects a lot from all of us and there’s too many problems in your work life to take them all on one at a time, by yourself.  Technology has always been sold as making our lives easier, but it really it just makes the tasks easier.  The truth is that technology can make our lives mo


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  • Condenserless Chiller

    Condenserless Chiller

    Condenserless chiller ENR.012 with custom dimensions, brazed plate evaporator (B-ES), flow switch (FL), expansion vessel kit (XV).

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  • PFC Introductory Training-Minneapolis

    PFC Introductory Training-Minneapolis

    This four-day course provides guidance in the use of the PFC2D and PFC3D to simulate the mechanical behavior of granular and solid materials. The focus is on simulating the fracture and flow of brittle rock-like materials. PFC software provides a general distinct-element engine along with the embedded language FISH, which provides full access to the internal variables of the model and allows one ...