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  • Study of salt content in Harlingen canals - Case Study

    Study of salt content in Harlingen canals - Case Study

    Antea Group uses AP-5000 for salinity measurements in Frisian surface waterCommissioned by the municipality of Harlingen, Antea Group measured the salinity of the Harlingen canals in Friesland. A motorboat with an advanced mobile multiparameter probe was used to travel the l

  • Balancing Valve Types

    Balancing Valve Types

    Balancing valve types 1. Static Balance Valve: It is also called Balance Valve, Manual Balance Valve, Digital Lock Balance Valve, Double Position Regulating Valve, etc. It changes the flow ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Vacuum Dryer

    Vacuum Dryer

    The VacuDry system is available in different sizes with different throughput capacity. Depending on the needs of our costumers we decide which is the best option. VacuDry plants are equipped with a varying number of vacuum dryers, totalling a gross volume of 1,500 to 12,000 litres. The dryers work in a batch-wise process. The batch time depends on the feed material consistency, as well as various ...