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Germicidal Lamps equipment for Water and Wastewater

  • Premium

    Model UVP - Incubator

    The UVP Incubator provides precise temperature control and uniformity for the incubation of biological assays, fungal, bacterial cultures, eggs and other samples up to 68 °C. The instrument is equipped with built-in overhead shortwave 254nm UV tubes for sterilization of the incubation chamber between experiments. By utilizing the germicidal ...

    By Analytik Jena AG based in Jena, GERMANY. from Incubator Product line

  • Airpura - Model I-600 - Air Purifiers

    The Airpura 1-600 Specially designed for use in healthcare clinics and institutions. Large HEPA filter Traps airborne droplets. Optional UV germicidal lamp Sterilizes antigens and pathogens. Optional Hl-C carbon weave Adsorbs odors and airborne chemicals and gases. Effective for up to 2000 square feet Recycles the air approximately every 30 ...

    By Airpura Industries Inc. based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Model CN-T6P-S(I) - Building -Tubular Air Purifier

    Smart outlook: Small size for easy installaton but also meeting sterilization requirement. UV sterilization: Cnlight 12000hrs high UV output uv lamp can kill germs and virus in seconds. Photo-catalyst: Photo-catalyst technology is applied to get rid off formaldehyde, benezene and organic odor. Components: High efficiency 254nm UV germicidal lamp, ...

    By Cnlight Co.,Ltd based in Foshan, CHINA.

  • Soft Glass Lamps

    Soft glass lamps are specialty 254nm UVC emitting soft glass germicidal lamps. They operate on a variety of current (180 to 1,700mA inputs) and offer maximum efficiency in producing UVC radiation at 254nm. We offer custom configurations to meet OEM requirements. Standard soft glass lamps are available in T4, T5, T6, T8 and T12 bodies. At our glass ...

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY. from Soft Glass Lamps Product line

  • Germicidal Lamp Quartz Sleeves

    Quartz sleeves are a good investment, offering protection against air and water flow breakage, leakage, temperature fluctuations, and environmental hazards. Light Sources companies engineer a variety of standard and custom quartz sleeves and jackets that can be applied to a range of germicidal UVC lamp types, including standard, high output (HO), ...

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Minipure - Model 1 to 9 gpm - Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

    1 to 9 gallons per minute [gpm]60 to 540 gallons per hour [gph] Potable & high purity water point of use applications 304 Stainless Steelelectropolished and passivated inside and out Easy-Off Retainer Cap for effortless lamp change.

    By Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation based in Hauppauge, NEW YORK (USA). from Ultraviolet Water Purifiers Product line

  • UV Lamps

    Germicidal ultraviolet lamps emit radiant energy in 253.7nm (C-Band ultraviolet or UVC) wavelength. The UVC energy photo-chemically reacts with the DNA and RNA of microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, mold and spores - sterilizing them. Germicidal UV lamps have an effective life of approximately 8,000 - 12,000 hours continuous use.

    By American Air & Water, Inc. based in Hilton Head Island, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from UV Lamps Product line

  • Sanuvox - Model 12V DC - Interceptor Vehicle UV Sterilization

    Specifically designed to be mounted under a passenger seat or mounted inside the working area of an ambulance, emergency or military vehicle. The INTERCEPTOR’s UVC Germicidal process will destroy airborne pathogens that technicians, drivers, patients and passengers come into contact with. Sanuvox’s patented UV process uses UVC energy ...

    By Sanuvox Technologies Inc. based in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Interceptor Vehicle UV Sterilization Product line

  • Compact UV-C Lamps

    Our companies offer a superb line of UVC emitting compact germicidal lamps for applications in small spaces. These lamps are consistently a favorite product among our clients.

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY. from Compact UV-C Lamps Product line

  • Model LZC-UVC - UV-C Fluorescent lamp

    UVC germicidal lamps with a strong line at 254nm. Note: use of these lamps requires proper connection of exposure chamber exhaust.Lamp length - 12 inches

    By Luzchem Research Inc. based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA). from UV-C Fluorescent lamp Product line

  • Quartz U-Lamps

    Our quartz U-shaped germicidal and ozone lamps can produce more intense UV radiation in a limited space, allowing designers more flexibility. These lamps are available with center-to-center leg spacing from 22mm to 76mm, and offer the perfect solution by effectively doubling the arc length and UVC output.

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY. from Quartz U-Lamps Product line

  • Model QT2 - GE Fused Quartz Tubes

    Lamp Grade Tubing: Ge Quartz is Ihe world's leading producer of fused quartz for lighting applications. In its production of (used qu.ui/ GE utilizes a proprietary beneficiation process that produces ultra lugh-punty starting materials Continual improvements in this technology enables GE to offer the highest quabty produces for the world's growmg ...

    By Terme Quartz Internazionale s.a.s. (TQI ) based in Acquappesa, ITALY. from GE Fused Quartz Tubes Product line

  • Hygeaire® - Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection

    Constructed of corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel and Aluminum, Utilizes germicidal ultraviolet (uv) lamps, Irradiates air flow within ultraviolet field in upper portion of room, Ultraviolet indirect air disinfection for use in occupied areas, Disinfects air in seconds, reducing the risk of cross infection and exposure of occupants to infectious ...

    By Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation based in Hauppauge, NEW YORK (USA). from Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection Product line

  • Model ArmorLite™ - Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps Safety Shield

    ArmorLite™ Safety Shield is available for use with most Ster-L-Ray® Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps. The ArmorLite™ Safety Shield is a protective envelope that can be applied to most germicidal lamps (linear lamps up to 64-inches long) purchased from and manufactured by Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation.The ArmorLite™ Safety ...

    By Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation based in Hauppauge, NEW YORK (USA). from Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps Safety Shield Product line

  • Aquaray 40 HO and Aquaray 3X UV Systems

    The ONLY fully BIOASSAY validated vertical lamp UV system on the market. The Aquaray® 40 HO is the premier solution for the disinfection of waterborne pathogens in municipal wastewater. The system utilizes low pressure, high output UV lamps for reduced footprint and energy efficiency. The Aquaray® vertical lamp technology has been used by ...

  • Aquaray H2O UV Disinfection System

    The Aquaray® H2O is an innovative new solution for the disinfection of waterborne pathogens in municipal drinking waters. Utilizing medium pressure, high output UV lamps, this technology is operational in over 50 installations worldwide for the treatment of potable, process and ultra pure water.

  • Ballasts

    LightSources, Inc. and LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. offer an extensive line of electronic ballasts, covering a wide range of germicidal lamps. Choosing the right ballast is essential because the interaction of lamps and ballasts is the true determinant of system performance. As elements in electrical circuits, germicidal lamps are not “passive” ...

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • ComAir 20T

    The ComAir 20T Air Treatment System is the most advanced commercial grade HVAC sterilization system available on the market today. With the germicidal killing power of 300 microwatts and 0-100% variable ozone output, this system effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses along with various odors. The ComAir 20T provides germicidal and odor ...

    By ClearWater Tech LLC based in San Luis Obispo, CALIFORNIA (USA). from ComAir 20T Product line

  • Sanuvox QUATTRO - Light Commercial In-Duct UV Air Sterilization System

    Inspired by the overwhelming success of the Commercial UV Bio-Wall, the QUATTRO is designed as a Light Commercial / Residential In-Duct UV Air Purifier. The QUATTRO can treat the entire duct at one time, destroying up to 99.9% of the biological and chemical contaminants in the air-stream.

  • Lifetech - Model UVL - UV Systems

    LIFETECH UV systems offer customers green alternative to environmentally harmful chemicals used for disinfection including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and hypochlorite. Germicidal lamps generate energy in the UV spectrum to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses (microorganisms). Microorganisms include several distinct groups of disease causing germs ...

    By Lifetech based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC.

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