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Grease Traps equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Inferno - Fire Racing Clutch

    The Inferno Fire racing clutch is the latest engineered product for the racing industry. The Fire clutch includes all of the design advantages of the Flame with several new features that make the Fire the best drum clutch available on the market. The Fire clutch has a bonded friction lining that improves consistency and performance. The friction ...

    By Hilliard Corporation based in Elmira, NEW YORK (USA). from Fire Racing Clutch Product line

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    Grease Traps

    Our highly efficient grease traps are an effective and hygienic method of separating fat and grease from wastewater flow. Grease traps offer the perfect solution for a range of small commercial establishments, including small restaurants, public houses and canteens.

    By Kingspan Water & Energy based in Co. Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Grease Traps Product line

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    Model BS-921 - Restaurant Grease Trap Maintenance Blocks

    Our BS-921 restaurant grease trap maintenance blocks minimize hydrogen sulfide and build up of sludge, thereby reducing odors, fecal matter, and grease compounds. It dissolves gradually over 30 to 45 days (dependent upon flow rate) allowing for continuous waste treatment. Our restaurant grease trap maintenance blocks are an improved biological ...

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC based in West Milford, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Restaurant Grease Trap Maintenance Blocks Product line

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    Model BS-923 - Liquid Alive Bacteria - Concentrate for Reducing Grease and Solids Build-up in Drains & Grease Traps

    BS-923 is specially formulated and packaged for direct addition to drains and grease traps in restaurants and commercial buildings. To assure optimal performance of these organisms, under the toughest conditions, they are produced and blended together with 'high potency' nutrients, stimulants and surfactants.

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    EnviroDEFENSE - Model Grease-N-Drain 10X - Pre-Stabilized Liquid Bacteria and Enzyme

    EnviroDEFENSE Grease-N-Drain 10X CONCENTRATE is a pre-stabilized liquid bacteria and enzyme with odor counteractants. This environmentally sound and biodegradable product when added into a typical drain system will break the organic material into water soluble nutrients. The released nutrients are digested by the select bacteria, which ...

    By BCMbio, Inc. based in Armada, MICHIGAN (USA). from Pre-Stabilized Liquid Bacteria and Enzyme Product line

  • Roebic - Grease Trap Treatment

    Your FOG control and elimination program is incomplete without the advanced biological technology found in ROETECH Grease Trap Treatment. GT has been designed to work in any system where large amounts of food derived fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are generated and released; which makes GT ideal for use in the Institutional food service and ...

    By Roebic Laboratories, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Grease Trap Treatment Product line

  • GREASOLUX - Model L - Grease Remover

    Product Providing Solutions to Problems Caused by Fats in WasteWater Treatment. Weight: 4,8 kg, Ø: 15,2 cm, height: 18,5 cm. 4 units per case.

    By Ecochemicals UAB based in Kaunas, LITHUANIA.

  • Model 914 - NT-Max Grease Trap Treatment System

    NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment. Powerful Waste Digesting Formula with over 4.1 Trillion Bacteria per Gallon. 2 Year Supply + FREE Shipping.

    By NewTechBio, Inc. based in Howell, NEW JERSEY (USA). from NT-Max Grease Trap Treatment System Product line

  • Epoxy Coated Mild Steel Grease Traps

    Our MSGT range of value epoxy coated mild steel grease traps offer flexibility with the units installation either internal or external and can be located as floor standing trap or recessed within the ground.

    By Aqua Mundus Ltd based in Wickhamford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Epoxy Coated Mild Steel Grease Traps Product line

  • Eco-Mobile Domestic Grease Trap

    Fit-&-Trap Eco-Mobile - Effective Grease Management System: Made from polyethylene, material LLDPE. Compact and very effective grease management system. Easy installation and maintenance procedure.  The Fit-&-Trap Eco-Mobile is one of the markets simplest form of grease management systems suitable for dishwasher or single sink ...

    By Aqua Mundus Ltd based in Wickhamford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Eco-Mobile Domestic Grease Trap Product line

  • High Capacity Polyethylene Grease Seperators

    Both systems are designed to the building regulations BS EN 1825 and constructed of lightweight impact and corrosion resistant polyethylene for easy handling and transport (316 stainless steel available to special order).

    By Aqua Mundus Ltd based in Wickhamford, UNITED KINGDOM. from High Capacity Polyethylene Grease Seperators Product line

  • Ecotec - Model EGE-S100 - Grease Extractors

    The Ecotec Grease Extractor EGE-S100 is smaller and lighter than traditional grease traps. It weighs only 28kgs.

    By E.M.A ENVIRONMENTAL PTY LTD based in Carlisle, AUSTRALIA. from Grease Extractors Product line

  • Grease Trap

    A grease trap is an appliance to remove grease (vegetable and animal greases and oils) from waste water. The installation of a grease trap can be required in the following cases: With homes: If water treatment takes place, this is recommended if water treatment happens too far from the kitchen to prevent pipe blockages. At hotel and catering ...

    By DYKA B.V. based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • Grit and Grease Traps

    Response Group manufacture grit and grease traps for small wastewater treatment package plants and large scale treatment plants. The large scale units are installed in an aerated rectangular channel (See Fig 1). Coarse bubble diffusers located near the base of the channel create a helical motion within the channel which causes the grit to settle ...

    By Response Group based in Charleville, IRELAND.

  • Biosolve - Liquid

    LIQUID BIOSOLVE is a blend of micro-organisms specifically designed to enable the catering and food processing industries to prevent the problems associated with drain blockages, due to grease build up and its subsequent hazards. LIQUID BIOSOLVE builds up an “army of grease eaters” in your drains and grease traps, degrading the grease ...

    By Biosystems Limited based in Sanur Denpasar, INDONESIA.

  • Miscellaneous Treatment Products

    IN ADDITION TO THE MAIN PRODUCTS in our product line, we also offer the following miscellaneous treatment products: CDC Anticlogs — Condensate drain pan treatments, Chemstar 11DF — Drain/grease trap treatment, Cortec — Vapor phase lay up treatments for boiler, cooling and closed loop systems, Dowfrost HD — Inhibited ...

    By International Chemstar Incorporated based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Drain System

    Without regular, proper maintenance, drains and grease traps can become major sanitation problems for food preparation establishments. Backups and odours that often accompany poorly maintained grease traps result in kitchen down time and costly cleanups.

    By NCH UK Ltd based in Bilston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Underground Biomass Greasetraps

    This range of UNDERGROUND BIOMASS GREASE TRAPS is for installation externally, below ground and connected to standard drainage pipes. Sizes are normally determined by the number of meals per day that the restaurant caters for. All units up to NS15UGB are fitted with 110mm uPVC drainage connections all larger sizes are fitted with 160mm fittings. A ...

    By Progressive Product Developments Ltd based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Grease Interceptors & Traps

    Grease traps, also known as grease interceptors, are concrete vaults (hollow six sided structures) are placed below ground with piping.  Two manhole cover access points are placed at ground level.  The vault has a division down the middle that separates grease from water before allowing the water to continue on to the septic system or ...

    By Oldcastle Precast Inc. based in Tucker, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Grease Interceptors & Traps Product line

  • Smaller Vent Filters

    Designed to be used in domestic situations on house toilet or septic vents and grease trap vents where odours are escaping. (Not Rechargeable, No Fan available)

    By McBerns Pty Ltd based in QLD , AUSTRALIA.

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