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Hazardous Wastewater equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Microbiotests PROTOXKIT F - Protozoan Toxicity Test Kit

    The ciliated Protozoan toxicity test is intended for toxicity screening of chemicals, effluents, surface waters, wastewaters, groundwaters, sediment pore waters and elutriates. Protoxkit F contains all necessary materials to perform six chronic 24h growth inhibition tests with the freshwater ciliated protozoan Tetrahymena thermophila. This ...

    By Microbiotests Inc. based in Mariakerke (Gent), BELGIUM. from Toxkits Equipment Product line

  • Det-Tronics - Model SmokeWatch U5015 - Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector

    The Det-Tronics SmokeWatch U5015 Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector is a Class I Division 1, 2 and Zone 1 explosion-proof rated smoke detector that is suitable for hazardous, industrial, and commercial applications. This smoke detector has unique design that operates effectively in both smoldering and rapidly growing fires. The photoelectric operation ...

  • Model GX-2001 - Smallest Four Gas Personal Monitor

    After 60 years of breakthroughs in gas detection and sensor technology, RKI is proud to introduce the smallest and most affordable 4-gas monitor in the world, the GX-2001. Weighing only 6 ounces and about the size of a pager (2.8' H x 2.2' W x 1.1' D), the GX-2001 simultaneously monitors combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide.

    By RKI Instruments, Inc. based in Union City, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SUMP-GARD - Model SGK - Cantilevered Bearingless Pump

    The cantilevered, large diameter shaft design of the SGK pump eliminates the need for immersed bearings, providing indefinite dry-run capability and dependable operation. As a result, Vanton SGK cantilevered sump pumps are specified for applications in which brief or long-term stoppage of fluid flow may occur, as well as for applications in which ...

    By Vanton Pump and Equipment Corp. based in Hillside, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Vertical Centrifugal Pumps Product line

  • Water Lifting Screws

    Archimedean screw pumps are used for conveying and lifting liquids and semi-liquid materials. They are highly efficient and thus very economical.

    By REHART Group based in Ehingen, GERMANY.

  • Fixed Underwater Camera

    Description: Extremely rugged and easy-to-use industrial grade underwater camera for heavy use in survey, inspection & surveillance applications of water & wastewater assets. Designed for use in hazardous and corrosive environments like seawater, sewer water and industrial wastewater. The camera has integrated White LED lighting for zero ...

    By Digital Surveillance Inc (DSI) based in NOIDA, INDIA. from Underwater Cameras Product line

  • Hallett - Model 13 Series - Water Purification System

    UV Pure’s Hallett® 13 systems for wastewater treatment applications up to 1 MGD, outperform conventional UV wastewater systems. Effective in treating very low quality wastewater (low UV transmittance), are self-cleaning, and do not expose operators to potentially hazardous wastewater.

    By UV Pure Technologies Inc. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Hallett UV Water Purification System Product line

  • BIO JET - Model 7 - Ammonia Away Non-Hazardous Chemical

    Bio Jet 7 Ammonia Away is a non-hazardous, non-toxic and environmentally friendly wastewater additive formulated to reduce ammonia and nitrite. Add Bio Jet 7 Ammonia Away to any treatment system and achieve optimal performance when the wastewater has a basic pH level, is capable of high buffering capacity and is highly aerated. Made in the USA.

    By Jet Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA). from Chemicals Product line

  • Roto - Model NG 2 - 500 L RoFett (200 meals) - Grease Separators

    Grease tends to form heavy congestion that grows steadily, stops wastewater flow, damages the sewage infrastructure, pose a public health hazard and result in business losses. Separate grease from wastewater in institutional kitchens, restaurants and food processing facilities is polluted with fat and grease. RoFett is extremely efficient in ...

    By ROTO Group based in Murska Sobota, SLOVENIA. from Water - Grease Separators Product line

  • Model GX-2003 - Confined Space / Bar Hole / Leak Detector

    Built around high-quality micro-sensor technology, the GX-2003 is RKIs smallest personal 4-in-1 gas monitor with a built in sample pump. Weighing only 11 ounces, it has many features which set the GX-2003 apart from the competition. For example, it can monitor the standard confined space gases (LEL combustibles, Oxygen content, Carbon Monoxide, ...

    By RKI Instruments, Inc. based in Union City, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • ModuTank - Custom Storage Tanks

    ModuTank Inc. has a continuous history as a problem solver with the ability to rapidly deliver innovative solutions to difficult and unique indoor and outdoor liquid storage applications.We understand that businesses need custom storage tanks that are specifically designed, installed, and configured to meet unique industry requirements. We offer ...

    By ModuTank Inc. based in Long Island City, NEW YORK (USA). from Modular Tanks Product line

  • Odor Removing and Smoke Capturing System

    Remove unpleasant odors by chemical process.  Low maintenance. Easy and cheap operation. Non-hazardous waste. Good for: restaurant, WC, sheds, poultry houses, waste water treatment plants, rendering plants, garbage burners.

    By KARE Engineering based in YAKAPINAR ADANA, TURKEY.

  • Model GX-2012 - Multi-Gas Detector

    With the GX-2012, you have multiple tools in one instrument. Having 3 operating modes, the GX-2012 can be used for confined space, safety monitoring in it’s Normal Operating mode; for leak investigation in Leak Check mode; and for underground leak checking in Bar Hole mode. When equipped with an optional TC sensor, the GX-2012 can measure ...

    By RKI Instruments, Inc. based in Union City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Portable Multi-Gas Monitors Product line

  • Power Mizer - Cast Centrifugal Blowers

    Power Mizer blowers represent the culmination of years of research and experimentation as Spencer engineers applied our Engineering Edge to the task of creating more energy-efficient, power-conserving cast blower technology. The air handling components of these blowers were designed in the Spencer Development Laboratory. By avoiding abrupt ...

    By The Spencer Turbine Company based in Windsor, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Blowers & Gas Boosters Product line

  • Model PTZ - Underwater Camera

    DSI’s indigenous production of the underwater operable and fully submersible pan tilt and zoom camera was a revolution in itself. It is designed for use in hazardous and corrosive environments like seawater, sewer water and industrial wastewater.

    By Digital Surveillance Inc (DSI) based in NOIDA, INDIA. from Underwater Cameras Product line

  • Model 01 Series - Single Gas Clip-On Personal Monitor

    4 Gases to choose from: LEL, CO, H2S, or 02.Operates 3,000 hrs. on alkaline batteries (16 hours for LEL version).Pocket size 1.4'(W) x 4.1 '(H) x 0.8'(D).Lightweight 3.5 ounces.Audible /visual /vibration alarms.Special low temp H2S version operates at-40°C.Automatic backlight during alarm Peak Hold, STEL& TWA.Low battery alarm.Impact and ...

    By DETECTOR OY based in Turku, FINLAND. from Portable Gas Detectors Product line

  • AbTech - Smart Drum

    The Smart Drum is ideally suited for free phase and mechanically emulsified hydrocarbon removal for industrial wastewater process streams, hazardous waste remediation, produced water and many other hydrocarbon removal applications.

    By AbTech Industries Inc based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA).

  • LiftPac - Self-Standing UN Rated Bulk Bag

    PacTec’s LiftPac® is the only self standing zipper-top hazardous waste bag on the market. This cubic yard bag is the perfect solution for disposal of household hazardous waste, contaminated PPE and a variety of other applications. The LiftPac® walls are constructed of rigid corrugated fiberboard allowing the bag to be self-standing, ...

    By PacTec, Inc. based in Clinton, LOUISIANA (USA). from Waste Packaging Product line

  • UV Pure - Model Hallett 4-20mA - Potable Wastewater Treatment System

    UV Pure’s Hallett® 4-20mA Wastewater System, was developed for residential and light commercial wastewater treatment applications, outperforms all conventional UV systems with the ability to treat very low quality wastewaters (low UV transmittance) trouble free.

    By UV Pure Technologies Inc. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Hallett UV Water Purification System Product line

  • HOH Corporation - Wastewater Treatment/ Solidification Program

    HOH Corporation operates a fully-permitted Non-Hazardous Wastewater / Solidification facility in Winston-Salem, NC. HOH's Treatment Facility is one of the most diversified wastewater facilities in the Mid-Atlantic U.S., offering the following services to industry, utilities, municipalities, government agencies, and environmental service / ...

    By HOH Corporation based in Winston-Salem, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

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