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medical water (Hospital Water) equipment

  • X-Flow - Medical Water Filter for Legionella

    X-Flow Medical water filter provides an effective and cost-efficient membrane filtration for a clean and safe water free from Legionella, Pseudomonas and other bacteria and fungi. When used in hospitals and clinical environments, X-Flow medicine filter provide clean water to patients and staff by shower and washing in critical environments. This ...

    By SWATAB based in Kristianstad, SWEDEN.

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    ProMinent Tomal - Metering System for Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)

    5-50 kg/h of dry PAC with a re-dilution of 3-5 m3/h and a final concentration of max. 1%. Conventional waste water treatment cannot adequately remove trace elements, such as medication or cosmetic residue from the waste water. This is particularly effective using the complete system for the precise metering of powdered active carbon (PAC).

    By ProMinent GmbH based in Heidelberg, GERMANY. from Metering Systems for Solids Product line

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    Model NDL - Absorption Air Dryer

    Compressed air is an important source of energy that is widely used throughout industry. This safe and reliable utility is often the most important part of a production process. However, atmospheric air contains water vapour, which condenses to water droplets when the compressed air cools. Water and dirt in compressed air causes a major ...

    By F-DGSi based in Evry, FRANCE. from Air / Gas Treatment - Air Dryers Product line

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    AquaVial - Model PRO500 - Total Microbial Water Testing Kits

    AquaVial PRO500 is the ideal water quality screening tool for water treatment professionals. AquaVial PRO500 was designed for monitoring microbial levels and biofilm formation for drinking water applications.  It is an economic and efficacious warning system for Legionella control, and efficacy confirmation of water disinfection systems ...

    By Genemis Laboratories Inc. based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Professional Products Product line

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    BD|Sensors - Model DMP 331P - Pressure Transmitter

    The pressure transmitter DMP 331P was designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The compact design with hygienic process connections makes it possible to achieve an outstanding performance in terms of accuracy, temperature behavior and long term stability. The modular construction concept allows a combination of various process ...

    By BD|Sensors GmbH based in Thierstein, GERMANY. from Pressure Transmitter - Industry Product line

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    ProMinent Dulcotest - Sensors for Peracetic Acid

    Graduated measuring ranges 1 – 2,000 mg/l. Measurement of peracetic acid concentration with DULCOTEST sensors: Precise and reliable for disinfection in safety-sensitive applications in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Can also be used in waste water treatment.

    By ProMinent GmbH based in Heidelberg, GERMANY. from Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology - Sensors Product line

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    Waste-to-Energy Recycling

    Granutech has products that are well suited to process materials with the ultimate goal of producing energy from waste.

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA). from Industrial Recycling & Shredding Applications Product line

  • Central Concentrate Water Supply Device

    Part A: confecting solution components, multi-layer filter components, reservoir components, solution feed components, control system.Part B: The same as Part A.

    By Hangzhou Tianchuang Environmental Technology Co.,LTD. based in Hangzhou City,, CHINA. from Medical Water Products Product line

  • Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon

    Coconut shell as the raw material, this product is manufactured through furnace with an appearance of amorphous particles. It is characterized by intensified mechanical strength, developed pore structure, rapid absorption, high sorptive capacity, easy regeneration and long endurance. It is mainly used in various application water purification, ...

  • Hemodialysis Water Equipment

    Quality of produced water: meets the USA standard of AAMI/ASAIO hemodialysis water; meets the national standard of YY0572-2005 hemodialysis water;The removing rate of the endotoxin and bacteria is more than 99%;The removing rate of the dissolved salt is more than 97%; The water recycle rate is over 70%;The removing rate of the system is more than ...

    By Hangzhou Tianchuang Environmental Technology Co.,LTD. based in Hangzhou City,, CHINA. from Medical Water Products Product line

  • DWA - Water Guard with Motor Rotary Valve

    The DWA water guard with motor rotary valve was developed especially for use in medical water processing.If the water sensor comes into contact with liquids, the motor rotary valve closes within fewer seconds and interrupts the water supply. Compared to conventional procedure the ball valve will not be detained by lime or other disposal. An ...

    By DWA GmbH & Co. KG based in Ubstadt-Weiher, GERMANY. from Pre-Filtration Product line

  • Quality Equipment QE - Pipes

    Adjustable brackets - A range of fixed and adjustable brackets to suit a variety of systems and sizes of pig. Hose barbs - Easy to use fitting for connecting plastic hoses to steel piping. Cutting and threading - Quality Equipment offers a bespoke cutting and threading service for stainless steel pipes of ½’’ to 1’’ ...

    By Quality Equipment (QE) based in Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM. from Animal Drinking System Product line

  • Hospital Test & Analyzer

    The full automatic analyzers with brands of Hitachi, Olympus, Roche, Beck-man, Shimadzu ,Abbot , Bayer, Sysmex, Mindray, Sinnowa, TalentBase ,Sosan etc. Examination analysis, liquid reagents, test in laboratory, biological cultivation and container cleaning etc.Central concentrate water supply ,multi-purpose machine ,multi-outlet water supply ...

    By Hangzhou Tianchuang Environmental Technology Co.,LTD. based in Hangzhou City,, CHINA. from Medical Water Products Product line

  • HydraGuard - Model 10 - Ultraflter

    Retains bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants greater than 5 nm in size. Expected life up to 6 months. Attains and maintains high flow capacity. Can be disinfected in place with 1% bleach solution. Ideal use for ice machines and other medical equipment using potable water.

    By Nephros, Inc. based in South Orange, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Infection Control Product line

  • Nanofiltration and Nano Water Filters

    Produce very high purity water or pretreat process water.We provide custom nanofiltration filters that integrate with your current water treatment solutions or are apart of an entirely new water treatment system. Nanofiltration can be used in many applications such as manufacturing process for drugs, dairy products, textiles, bakeries, medical ...

    By Total Water based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Commercial Water Softener Systems

    Reduce scaling or pretreat water for a high purity system.We provide custom commercial water softener systems that integrate with your current water treatment solutions or are apart of an entirely new water treatment system. Commercial grade water softener systems can be used in many applications such as boiler water treatment, cooling tower ...

    By Total Water based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Model NS6000 - Mineral Scrub Sink

    Surgical sink is used primarily in areas for medical staff and patient preparation and in all applications requiring highest hygienic to be kept. According to the installation way, there are two types, hang-in style and free-standing style. We are in the good position to supply 304SS/316SS stainless steel scrub and mineral composite scrub ...

    By Nine Sunplus Systems Company Limited based in Guangzhou, CHINA. from NS6000-Scrub Facilities Product line

  • Gem-Crete - Waterproof Heavy-Duty Vehicular Traffic Topping Coating

    Gem-Crete HDO Premix is nontoxic and nonflammable. Your skin might be sensitive to cement. We recommend use of rubber gloves. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. If contact occurs, flush immediately with water. Seek medical advice if irritation occurs. Harmful if digested. Keep product out of reach of children. FOR INDUSTRIAL ...

    By Gemite Group based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • WECO - Model UXC-2X1252 - High Efficiency Twin Alternating Water Softener for Water Hardness Reduction

    The WECO Water softener is a Point-Of-Entry (POE) filtration system for municipal and well water supplies. The softener uses a high-efficiency 10% cross-linked gel type strong acid cation resin with a high resistance to oxidation, osmotic and thermal shock. WECO water softeners can be used with chlorinated municipal water without fear of premature ...

    By WECO Filters based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Millenium - Model HX - Portable Dialysis Water System

    Mar Cor Purification offers the next generation portable water for dialysis system, the Millenium HX. This compact automatic RO represents a quantum leap in reliable water production with the added feature of automatic hot water disinfection. The Millenium HX is designed to meet AAMI grade water standards according to ANSI/AAMI 13959 and is ...

    By Cantel based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA). from Medical Water - Portable Dialysis RO Systems Product line

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