Hydrocarbon Contamination

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  • Oil Only Cellulose Absorbent
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    Oil Only Cellulose Absorbent

    By Chemtex, Inc.

    Made from 100% recycled cellulose pulp, treated to absorb oil only — not water. Hydrocarbons are absorbed into the fibers and will not leach or drain. Ideal for removing contaminants from water.

  • SMS, Laminated Meltblown Pads & Rolls
    Showcase Product

    SMS, Laminated Meltblown Pads & Rolls

    By Chemtex, Inc.

    Our most durable sorbent. These pads and rolls combine two technologies to form one super strong pad. High-loft absorbent meltblown is ultrasonically bonded between two layers of lint-free spunbond fabric. Perforated ...

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  • NPO Dekanter, LLC

    NPO Dekanter, LLC

    NPO Dekanter, LLC produces equipment for collection and utilization of slop-oil and drilling sludges. Our company possesses large manufacturing ...

  • Elgin Separation Solutions

    Elgin Separation Solutions

    Founded in 1864 in Elgin, Illinois, Elgin has evolved into a worldwide leader in design, manufacture and service of specialized processing equipment ...

  • Geotech


    Geotech is a global leader in the design and manufacture of gas analysis technology. A QED environmental company and part of the US public company ...