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  • Hydro Carbon Remover
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    Hydro Carbon Remover

    By BCMbio, Inc.

    EnviroDEFENSE Hydro Carbon is a unique blend of many different bacteria strains formulated to effectively degrade both aromatic and aliphatic petroleum hydrocarbons. The bacillus consortium plus the addition of ...

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    Microbiology of Extreme Soils

    This volume provides a comprehensive coverage of the principal extreme soil ecosystems of natural and anthropogenic origin. Extreme soils oppose ...

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    Iranian Environmental Bioremediation Company (IEBCO) is a leading developer and supplier of bioremediation agents and provider of biological ...

  • OilSpillRem - Universal Remediation Inc

    OilSpillRem - Universal Remediation Inc

    OilSpillRem. provides Green Spill Cleanup and Absorbent Products for Oil, Fuel and other Hydrocarbon Spills.PRP (petroleum remediation product) and ...

  • Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

    Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

    Since 2001, SARVA has been developing and manufacturing the cost-effective, environmentally-friendly bioremediation products. Our products are used ...

  • Universal Remediation Inc

    Universal Remediation Inc

    Universal Remediation, Inc. was formed in 2004 after purchasing the assets of Petro Rem, Inc. Since then, Universal Remediation Inc., with Ray Tarasi ...

  • ADSORB-IT - a brand by Eco-Tec, Inc.

    ADSORB-IT - a brand by Eco-Tec, Inc.

    Products for the Removal of Oil, Oil Sheen, Oil-Borne Contaminants and Suspended Solids. While Allowing the Virtually Unrestricted Flow of Water! We ...