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hydrocarbon contaminated waste stream Equipment

  • Smart Sponge - Hydrocarbon Absorption Canister Smart Drum

    The SmartDrum HAC has been developed by AbTech Industries, Inc. for hydrocarbon removal applications. The SmartDrum HAC isideally suited for free phase and mechanically emulsified hydrocarbon removal for industrial wastewater process streams, hazardous waste remediation, produced water and many other hydrocarbon removal applications. Smart Sponge ...

    By AbTech Industries Inc based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Enviro-Klean - Thermal Desorber

    The Enviro-Klean thermal desorber is effective for removing hydrocarbon contamination from the soil. Hydrocarbons volatilize when heated to their boiling point and subsequently convert to water vapor and carbon dioxide in a thermal oxidizer. The net result is reusable clean soil.

    By Enviro-Klean Remediation Group Inc. (EKRG) based in Abbotsford, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers - RTOs

    For the control of low concentration hydrocarbon contaminated air streams, RTO’s offer unmatched fuel efficiency. The energy of the hot combustion products is used to preheat the incoming waste gas. Unlike Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers that perform this function using an indirect contact heat exchanger (shell-and-tube or plate-plate type) ...

    By Warner Nicholson Engineering Consultants, PC based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Vapor Destruction Technologies Product line

  • Model PetroClean 200L - Portable Biotreatment System

    PetroClean is a portable biotreatment system that easily handles phase-separated, soluble and emulsified hydrocarbons . The system consistently achieves effluent concentrations of < 5 ppm oil. This automated biomechanical wastewater treatment system is safe, reliable, and simple to use. Unlike conventional oil water separators, the PetroClean ...

    By EnSolve Biosystems, Inc. based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from PetroClean Product line

  • Oily Water Separators

    Ludowici Water provide a comprehensive range and expert advice on Oily Water Separators. SmartWater Approval for use in Australia. Ludowici Waterʼs range of oily water separators (coalescing plate separators) are designed to remove free oil hydrocarbons from contaminated oily water to produce water quality of an acceptable standard for ...

    By Ludowici Water Pty Ltd based in Carole Park, AUSTRALIA. from Water Treatment Products Product line

  • Water Treatment Systems

    A typical treatment system for hydrocarbon wastewater, remediation, or glycol consists of a coalescing oil-water separator followed by still bed canisters containing ET-1 Activated Clay. These still bed canisters are plumbed in series and can be followed by other process medium such as activated carbon. Our systems ET-1 Activated Clay treatment ...

    By Aqua Technologies of Wyoming Inc. based in Casper, WYOMING (USA).

  • LSTE - Vacuum Aeration Tank (VAT)

    Liquid Separation Technology and Equipment, LLC. has patented and patent-pending designs that mechanically separates various compounds from source contamination utilizing each contaminant's unique chemical and physical properties. The technology can be configured and equipped for multiple sources, as a single phase application for liquid or ...

    By Liquid Separation Technologies and Equipment, LLC (LSTE) based in Mission Viejo, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model CLB - Advanced Biological Treatment Systems

    Modular BioSyslems for Total Flexibility All-Natural Recycle or Discharge Systems Works tor Go It-Turf and Industrial Applications Easy to Maintain with Automatic Purge Feature. The Water Maze BioSystem or CLB series employs the latest bio-technology for treating and recycling commercial and industrial wastewater, including golf and turf ...

    By Atlantic Chemex Ltd based in Truro, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

  • Bio-Organic Catalyst - Model BOC - Bio-Organic Catalyst

    The Bio-Organic Catalyst line of products are developed for use in the following categories; oil spill remediation, water purification, waste water treatment, odor control, Bio-Catalytic cleaning, composting, agricultural, anaerobic digestion, aquaculture. The BOC technology can be used in any industry that requires environmentally safe ...

    By EcoJump LLC based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • BioNutraTech - Bioremediation Biotechnology

    Nature knows how to heal itself from both natural and man-made mishaps through biodegradation, the world’s oldest cleaner. Biodegradation is the natural process whereby microorganisms alter and break down organic molecules. Natural communities of microbes are amazingly versatile. They can carry out biodegradation in almost every type of ...

    By BioNutraTech, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

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