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  • Hydrographic Survey Boat
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    Hydrographic Survey Boat

    By Oceanalpha Co., Ltd.

    Autonomous and obstacle avoidance. Realtime data transmission. Long distance video monitoring. Deploy sonar instruments like SBES, MBES, ADCP, SSS etc.

  • Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat
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    Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat

    By Oceanalpha Co., Ltd.

    Dimensions : 163*71*42cm. Data transfer : RF point to point, range: 5km. Support equipment : RTK & Single-beam Sonar. Material : Fiberglass composite with Kevlar&carbon fiber. Hull design : Trimaran. Net weight ...

  • Survey Vessel
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    Survey Vessel


    Bathymetric and geophysical surveys are performed with “EB2”, a small but fast survey vessel. With its limited draught and powerful engine, this vessel is a valuable tool for all your detailed survey work.

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