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  • Mann Kendall Trend Tests

    Mann Kendall Trend Tests

    The Mann Kendall Trend Test is sometimes also named as Kendall’s tau test or Mann Kendell Test (or M-K test). This test is utilized for the analysis of data that is collected for a sufficient period for representing a continuous increasing or decreasing trends in Y values. This test is non-parametric, and it applies to all types of distributions known ...

  • How do you test for data trends?

    How do you test for data trends?

    Introduction A data trend denotes a correlation that exists between concentration and time or spatial location. It can also refer to a variation in the characteristics of a population with another ...


  • Forest soils recovering from effects of acid rain

    Forest soils recovering from effects of acid rain

    Before the United States 1970 Clean Air Act, rainfall all over the country was acidic. As precipitation would fall from the sky, it would mix with gases from industrial plants, emissions from cars, and especially coal and fossil fuel consumption. ...

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  • Water Safety Cable Way Systems

    Water Safety Cable Way Systems

    OTT cableway systems provide safety where mobile discharge measurements in water or from a bridge cannot be performed. They are driven mechanically or electrically and are available for span lengths of up to 160 m. The systems are DEKRA type approved and meet all applicable safety requirements. The components do not require any maintenance; lubrication or oil changes are not necessary.

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