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  • Receiver for AZ-Radio Loggers
    Showcase Product

    Receiver for AZ-Radio Loggers

    By F.A.S.T. GmbH

    AZ-light will help you efficiently to reduce water losses and significantly to cut on personnel costs: Receiver, standard logger, switch magnet, magnet for pick-up, hydrophone logger.

  • Hydrophone - 307 kHz
    Showcase Product

    Hydrophone - 307 kHz

    By Hydroacoustic Technology Inc. (HTI)

    HTI hydrophones work perfectly for detecting Model 795 Acoustic Tags. See an example of Model 590-series Hydrophones deployed in a hydropower dam environment. If your project is in a high-flow environment with flat ...

  • Hydrophone Element
    Showcase Product

    Hydrophone Element

    By Teledyne Benthos, Inc.

    Benthos hydrophones are proving invaluable in locating promising oil and gas reserves. Benthos also supplies hydrophones to research institutions where they are used for various purposes, such as listening to marine ...

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