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Industrial Mixing Equipment

  • Greerco - Pipeline Mixers

    Greerco® Pipeline Mixers are designed for in-line continuous high-speed, high-shear homogenizing, mixing, emulsifying and rapid dispersing. The Pipeline Mixer offers several mixing heads, each having the ability to handle a range of mixing applications.

    By National Oilwell Varco based in Dayton, OHIO (USA). from Greerco Product line

  • Promix - Model 20 - Industrial Online Mixing System

    The system is a best solution for any mixing application. Compare to conventional mixing by using stirrer /agitator is a old fashioned technology, which is not cost effective and consumes more energy compare to PROMIX SYSTEM. PROMIX SYSTEM is extremely compact and efficient compared to regular systems, clog free, handles shock loading, ready to be ...

    By Vishuddhi Enviro Pvt. Ltd. based in Vapi, INDIA. from Effluent & Sewage Treatment Plants Product line

  • Fluitec Mixer/Heat-Exchangers

    The Fluitec Mixer/Heat-Exchanger type CSE-XR was developed and patented by Fluitec AG. It is the most important invention in the static mixing technology of the last 20 years. The CSE-XR is mainly used for temperature conditioning of highly viscous liquids at laminar flow. A strongly defined and well controlled homogeneity is guaranteed in any ...

    By Fluitec Georg AG based in Neftenbach, SWITZERLAND.

  • ProMix - Inline Injection Mixing Assembly

    Typically installed upstream of an oil treatment separator, ProMix is a novel inline injection mixing assembly that can be used for any liquid-liquid mixing or extraction process. The injection section of the ProMix can inject multiple chemicals and provides evenly distributed feed to its downstream intensive mixing section. This along with the ...

    By ProSep Inc based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • OTI - Model E - Digester Mixers

    Mounted outside the digester tank wall and supported on a concrete foundation. Designs available to fit existing OTI draft tubes or mixer draft tubes not originally provided by OTI. Upper and lower wall intake/discharge nozzles terminate with 45° elbows to promote effective mixing. Designs are well suited to add heat exchanger sections as part ...

    By Olympus Technologies, Inc. (OTI) based in Eugene, OREGON (USA). from Digester Mixers Product line

  • Ozone Equipment

    BIO-AQUA sells ozone-generators from small to medium size: 1 g/h – 1 kg/h in various combinations:. With oxygen production included / with external oxygen supply. Water cooled / air colled. PEM cells for small quantities, but high concentrated ozone. Related equipment:. Venturies. Ozone mixers. Backflow protection. Ozone detectors / safety ...

    By BIO-AQUA as based in Rude, DENMARK.

  • Cylindrical Plow Blenders

    For batch blending of extremely fibrous, interlocking, dense, abrasive or moist/oily materials at higher speeds, with higher intensity, and with more uniform results than possible with trough style Ribbon, Paddle or Plow Blenders. Unlike trough-style Ribbon, Paddle and Plow Blenders, Munson Cylindrical Plow Blenders consist of a cylindrical vessel ...

    By Munson Machinery Company, Inc. based in Utica, NEW YORK (USA). from Mixing and Blending Product line

  • Horizontal Batch Mixers

    AVA’s HTC series batch mixers are optimally suited for variable processes and frequent product changes. These horizontal mixers induce mechanical turbulence or, alternatively, process aggregate mixtures. The task of the mixer is to deliver a homogeneous mixture featuring an extremely small variation coefficient within a batch time ...

    By AVA Americas, LLC based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Mixers Product line

  • Vertical Twin Shaft Mixer

    Very gentle and best mixing quality for dry, moist and viscous materials at variable filling levels. The spiral mixing blade initiates a three-dimensional rearrangement of the mixing goods. This vertical mixer guarantees best mixing results. It can be used for dry powder, wet suspensions as well as liquids, paste and dough. The mixer can be ...

    By amixon GmbH based in Paderborn, GERMANY.

  • Stainless Steel Jet Mixers

    20-jet stainless steel jet mixer. 24-jet Eddy jet mixer Custom designed 316 stainless steel eddy jet mixer with 24 nozzles. 14-jet eddy jet mixer Fourteen-jet, polished stainless steel eddy jet mixer. Close-up of an eddy jet mixer Close-up of an eddy jet mixer with twelve nozzles. Directional jet mixer Directional jet mixer made of 316 stainless ...

    By Mixing Systems, Inc. based in Dayton, OHIO (USA). from Jet Mixers Product line

  • Pulsair - Portable 55-Gallon Drum Mixer

    Portable 55-Gallon Drum Mixing Equipment for liquid mixing and agitation. Pulsair Systems manufactures the world's best portable 55-gallon drum mixing equipment for drum mixing, blending and agitation. The 5-55 Drum-Stick weights less than 5 lbs ~(2.3 kgs.), is easy-to-use and works through the standard fittings in drum lid, so no special tank ...

    By Pulsair Systems, Inc based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA). from Tank/Container Mixers Product line

  • Hydraulic Sludge Mixers

    The hydraulic sludge mixer is a series of jet nozzles directing flow to keep sludge in suspension.The hydraulic sludge mixer is a series of jet nozzles directing flow to keep sludge in suspension.The hydraulic sludge mixer is a series of jet nozzles directing flow to keep sludge in suspension.The hydraulic sludge mixer is a series of jet nozzles ...

    By Mixing Systems, Inc. based in Dayton, OHIO (USA). from Hydraulic Sludge Mixers Product line

  • Statiflo - Channel Mixers

    Statiflo's Channel Mixers are revolutionising the design and operation of water and waste water treatment plants.

    By Statiflo International Ltd. based in Macclesfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Product line

  • Model WT - Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger

    Our double-pipe heat exchanger WT can be Used for heat exchange on biogas and waste water treatment plants. Energy efficient Means of counter current process is heated evenly, the medium and the process flow back out. Performed and interpreted the design and construction we Customised, this Guarantees a Cost-Effective and execution. Our WT is ...

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH based in Fussach, AUSTRIA. from Digester Equipment Product line

  • Showcase

    AIRE-O2 TRITON - For Process Aerator/Mixer for Pulp & Paper

    Pulp and paper mills produce large volumes of wastewater and residual solids, presenting a number of issues in relation to wastewater treatment, discharge, and sludge disposal.

    By Aeration Industries International (AII) based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA). from Surface Aeration Solutions Product line

  • Mechanical Aerators

    Smith & Loveless' vertical arcuate impeller blade design is more efficient than the radial vane design. The Smith & Loveless mechanical aerator blade curvature yields high pumpage with minimal head, thus maximizing oxygen transfer and mixing. The Smith & Loveless mechanical aerator comes in Fixed and Floating configurations.

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Wastewater - Aeration & Mixing Product line

  • Flocsensor - Inline-Mixer

    During the mixing of flocculation agent into sludge one process has turned out to be significant:the optimal input of mixing energy.This is reached by bringing in the polymer solution into the sludge with a hollow shaft mixer, also called INLINE-Mixer (German patent 197 19 637 C1, US patent 5,993,670).The INLINE-Mixer is rotary speed controlled ...

    By J.F. Knauer GmbH based in Frankfurt, GERMANY.

  • AVA - Continuous Mixers

    Throughput capacity: 0.1 m³/h to 2.000 m³/h. Design: Turbulent and distributive mixers with product-specific shovel shapes. Ideal application: Continuous processes with large throughput volumes.

    By AVA - Huep GmbH u. Co. KG based in Herrsching, GERMANY. from Mixers Product line

  • Model TAD Type - Downward For Submersible Mixers

    For agitating for prevention of sedimentation of high density liquid. For agitating for sewage and waste water treatment tank. For agitating for prevention of sedimentation of sewage and waste water. For agitating for treatment of waste water of livestock and marine products. For agitating for prevention of sedimentation o' plup and iron powder.

    By Triton Pump based in Incheon, SOUTH KOREA. from Submersible Mixers Product line

  • AccuBubble - Electronic Gas Mixer Monitoring

    AccuBubble™ is an electronic monitoring system that fully automates the oversight of large gas piston-bubble mixers in anaerobic digester facilities. Continually tracking the performance of all digester mixers, AccuBubble ensures the efficiency of the mixing system and of the anaerobic digestion process for optimal biogas production and ...

    By Claro Inc based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

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