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industrial reverse osmosis Applications

  • Industrial and commercial water filtration for reverse osmosis plants

    Reverse Osmosis or RO is a system used to produce an ultra-high quality of water with use of membrane. Reverse Osmosis plants are required in many production processes. Damage to these high quality membranes can easily be caused if no pre-filtration is in place to protect the system from high loading, this can result in extremely high costs of repairs, ranging from tens of thousands to millions, not to mention the loss of production to a company if as a result of plant failure production has to be stopped until...

    By Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd based in Widnes, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Reverse Osmosis for the mining industry

    Pure Aqua has supplied a number of UF drinking (potable) water systems to the mining industry in Latin America. In addition, we have been involved nitrate and selenium treatment (RO) for mining operations in Canada.

    By Pure Aqua, Inc. based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Industrial Waste Water

    Today, membranes are implemented in a range of industrial wastewater treatment solutions. Reverse Osmosis is mainly used where re-use of the waste water is the goal or where special contaminants make it necessary before discharge. A general benefit of using Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis membranes is that the process can handle high-fouling streams and produce very high quality water, usable e.g. for boiler feed water, in a single treatment step.

    By Aquaporin A/S based in Kongens Lyngby, DENMARK.

  • Reverse Osmosis and Forward Osmosis Membranes for industrial Processes

    Aquaporin Inside® Reverse Osmosis and Forward Osmosis membranes can benefit a range of industrial processes improving product quality and saving cost in production.

    By Aquaporin A/S based in Kongens Lyngby, DENMARK.

  • Overcoming water treatment challenges in mining

    The ability to clean water in a consistent and reliable manner is essential for the operations of mines. The minerals and other solid materials removed from water during the dewatering process result in a contaminated wastewater that can be harmful to the environment. Costs for trucking wastewater for disposal are high and a more economical solution is on site water purification. This not only minimizes environmental impact but also helps to ensure compliance with municipal and federal regulations. This water can...

    By Desalitech based in Newton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Overcoming water treatment challenges in the automotive manufacturing industry

    The automotive industry is a major consumer of water. According to some estimates, producing a car uses an astonishing 40,000 gallons of water. Water is used in nearly every stage of the auto manufacturing process and water treatment for the automotive industry must be reliable and sustainable. Metal finishing, boiler feed, cooling tower makeup and the paint shop all require large volumes of water. Top performing auto manufacturers now set water efficiency goals as low as 1 m3 per unit. In order to reach these...

    By Desalitech based in Newton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) for industrial applications

    Global water shortages due to droughts, population growth and stringent enviromental discharge regulations have created increasing interest in water reuse and recycling. Pressured membrane processes, in particular, reverse osmosis (RO), are well-established technologies in water treatment. However, the drawbacks of RO membrane filtration include high energy consumption and operational costs. In addition, the volume of RO concentrate (reject) produced by RO systems is significant and, in most cases, contain high...

    By Berghof Membranes Technology (BMT) based in Leeuwarden, NETHERLANDS.

  • Reverse osmosis for the food industry

    By HF Pure Water based in Compton, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Reverse Osmosis for the power & energy industry

    Pure Aqua, Inc.’s core business is water treatment and has a number of products for the Power and Energy industry. Whether that is condensate polishing, cooling water treatment systems, or boiler feed water treatment. As a complete system integrator, Pure Aqua has a wide range of solutions for the varied sources of water and different types of contaminants associated with boiler feed water.

    By Pure Aqua, Inc. based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Advanced resource recovery & purification solutions for Water Treatment industry

    Eco-Tec specializes in integrating water treatment components to provide the highest purity water in a simple, reliable package. Based on target specifications and centred around the proprietary Recoflo ion exchange technology; Eco-Tec offers water treatment systems that can be composed of spectrum media filters, demineralizers, reverse osmosis membrane systems and condensate polishers.

    By Eco-Tec Inc. based in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Overcoming water treatment challenges in the refining industry

    Water is a critical component in refining, representing a significant operational expense. Water treatment for the refining industry needs to be safe, reliable and economical. Water treatment is essential for process water, cooling water and boiler feed. Desalitech’s Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis systems offer a recovery and operational guarantee that ensures your facility with a high quality, reliable stream of water.

    By Desalitech based in Newton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane for Industrial Water Reuse

    Ceramic membranes are widely applied in a number of industrial water treatment applications. for example as pre-treatment to reverse osmosis or nano filtration. Using our new generation ceramic membranes will enable a durability which provides limited maintenance and an operating life which is expected to exceed 20 years. Moreover, it enables filtration of fluids where organic and other ceramic membrane fall short, such as presence of caustics, solvents, polymers, oxidants and strong acids.

    By Cembrane based in Lynge, DENMARK.

  • Overcoming water treatment challenges in the food & beverage industry

    If you’re in the food and beverage industry – you know that water plays a critical role in countless facets of your business. High water and wastewater costs paired with sustainability goals make navigating water use and efficiency more than a full-time job. Having a reliable stream of purified water with ensures everything from product quality and consistency to proper operation and maintenance of boilers and cooling towers. Water treatment is absolutely essential for the food and beverage industry.

    By Desalitech based in Newton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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