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  • Arsenic removal to meet EPA standards - Case Study

    Arsenic removal to meet EPA standards - Case Study

    Location: Victorville, California Owner: Victor Valley Water District / Victorville Water District Engineer: Carollo Engineering Contractor: CDM Constructors Meeting EPA Regulations Victor Valley Water District began planning  for arsenic removal in early 2001 to be in  compliance wit


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  • Mixed-bed Ion Exchangers

    Mixed-bed Ion Exchangers

    EMD Millipore’s mixed-bed ion exchangers are a combination of strongly acidic cation exchangers and strongly basic anion exchangers. They include a convenient color indicator, which is characteristic for strongly basic anion exchangers. When loaded, the color indicator of Amberlite MB-3 changes from blue to brown. Transfer into the Na+/Cl- form can be successfully achieved using 10% ...