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  • Effect of Different Ion Exchange Resins

    Effect of Different Ion Exchange Resins

    There are many kinds of ion exchange resins, the most basic of which is anion cation exchange resins. The application fields of different types of ion-exchange resins are also different. What are the uses of different ion exchange resins? Now, Sunresin will give you a b


  • Joke Cuperus: A steady hand at the helm

    Joke Cuperus: A steady hand at the helm

    Joke Cuperus is understandably a busy lady. Despite having just landed in Singapore, she finds time in a rammed diary for an interview.Laughing at my joke about consuming the famous ‘Singapore Sling’ cocktails to help ease any jet lag, ...

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  • Vacuum Wastewater Evaporators

    Vacuum Wastewater Evaporators

    The ES series are horizontal development evaporators with an outer shell for the heat exchange, while the distillate condensation chamber is located above this. The vacuum system guarantees minimum energy expenditure. The distance between the free surface of the effluent being treated and the collection plate prevents drag out. and therefore guarantees a higher purity in the distillate.