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  • Progressive Recovery, Inc.

    Progressive Recovery, Inc.

    PRI has been designing and manufacturing fluid process systems since 1983. We specialize in systems processing hazardous materials in classified ...

  • Lanlang Technology Industrial Corp.

    Lanlang Technology Industrial Corp.

    Lanlang is professional supplier on kinds of ion exchange resin for various of application. The food grade ion exchange resin for drinking water ...

  • MionTec GmbH

    MionTec GmbH

    Distribution and development of our know how in and trial plants for resin technology, process technology and application technology with ion ...

  • ACM Technologies, Inc.

    ACM Technologies, Inc.

    ACM Technologies, Inc. is a provider of environmentally friendly water treatment systems and services to meet pollution control and remediation ...

  • Toronto Water Treatment Technologies

    Toronto Water Treatment Technologies

    We have been manufacturing specialty ion exchange resin such as amphoteric resin (salt separation resin, retardation resin, snake cage resin, water ...