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Lake Water equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    EnviroDEFENSE PurPond - Aquatic for Aquaculture/Lake Management

    EnviroDEFENSE PurPond Aquatic Formula is formulated for use in ponds, aquariums, small lakes and water gardens where organic odors and organic accumulations are a problem. EnviroDEFENSE PurPond Aquatic Formula contains naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes, which have been selected and produced for their ability to break down organic matter and ...

    By BCMbio, Inc. based in Armada, MICHIGAN (USA). from Aquatic for Aquaculture/Lake Management Product line

  • Premium

    EnviroDEFENSE - Model D-Solv - Clarifier for Aquaculture/Lake Management

    EnviroDEFENSE D-Solv Clarifier is formulated to clarify brackish, murky pond water quickly. When used as directed pond water should clear and maintain a polished shine. EnviroDEFENSE D-Solv Clarifier contains a strong formula to rapidly return pond water to its natural translucence and removes nuisance elements that cause murky water. ...

    By BCMbio, Inc. based in Armada, MICHIGAN (USA). from Clarifier for Aquaculture/Lake Management Product line

  • Doro - Knife Handy Tool

    User friendly tool with cutting blade and rake in one tool. Perfect for clearing small areas, eg. around jetties. The knife has a telescopic, grip friendly handle. The knives are exchangeable and the tool has an aluminium handle and electrically galvanised rake or knife.

    By Dorotea Mekaniska AB based in Dorotea, SWEDEN. from Knife Handy Tool Product line

  • Airstone Diffuser and Foot Valve

    The Airstone Diffuser is ideally suited to work in conjunction with our Windmill to diffuse the air at the bottom of the water source. Aeration is most effective when air bubbles are very small. Small bubbles increase diffusion of oxygen from the air into the water. The Foot Valve is used in conjunction with Koenders Airstone Diffuser to prevent ...

    By Superior Windmill Inc. based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Airstone Diffuser and Foot Valve Product line

  • Stratus - Model RV33 - Rotary Vane Compressor

    Long lasting, continuous duty compressors offer less depth capabilities than the diaphragm or rocking piston compressors but produce considerably more air. Medium pressure, oil free compressors are excellent for pond and lake aeration and de-icing

    By EasyPro Pond Products based in Grant, MICHIGAN (USA). from Rotary Vane Compressor Product line

  • Moocall - Body Warmer

    Stay warm with the Moocall Body Warmer! Stylish vest with plenty of pockets. Water resistant fabric to keep the water off your back.

    By Moocall Ltd based in Blackrock, IRELAND.

  • Model SIA AN - Fiberglass Silos

    Agritech is pleased to present its new range of fiberglass silos mod. SIA. The new models show following basic features:

    By Agritech s.r.l. based in Calvisano(Brescia), ITALY. from Fiberglass Silos Product line

  • Doro - Model Wasse - Smallest Motor Engine Reed Cutter

    Doroklippen Wasse is our smallest motor engine reed cutter. Wasse is suitable when moving between different water bodies, and for maintaining small cutting areas. Then cutting depth, knife action in and out and engine start, etc, are all controlled from the driver’s seat. The light construction facilitates transport and mounting. A stone ...

    By Dorotea Mekaniska AB based in Dorotea, SWEDEN. from Smallest Motor Engine Reed Cutter Product line

  • Model LS30 - Lake Series Aeration

    Aerates Ponds up to 3 1/2 Acres. Our lake series aeration is perfect for those larger projects or bodies of water requiring multiple turnovers per day. These units are specifically designed for large lakes and deep water. Large lakes, inlets, swimming areas can all be aerated with success. Our units are very energy efficient to operate. ...

    By Riverdale Water Management / Riverdale Supply based in Carman, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Lake Series Aeration Product line

  • Technicraft - Concealed Head Shutgun

    Our latest Shutgun will shut off fully concealed sprinkler head models that are becoming more common in hotels, office towers and high end condo buildings. The longer probe of this Shutgun was specifically engineered to be able to reach the opening of the water source which is recessed inside the body of the sprinkler head.

    By Technicraft Product Design Inc. based in Collingwood, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Concealed Head Shutgun Product line

  • Doro - Model 3090/3091 - Reed Cutter

    The Doro Cutter 3090 is the perfect solution for common reed cutting in most aquatic environments. The cutter is hydraulically operated and easy to attach to Truxor’s attachment bracket. The cutter has two work depths, 1 or 1.4 m. The knives are replaceable with a work depth from 2.2 to up to 4 metres. The Doro Cutter 3090 must be used in ...

    By Dorotea Mekaniska AB based in Dorotea, SWEDEN. from Reed Cutter Product line

  • Doro - Model ESM 2200 - Reed Cutter

    The Doro Cutter ESM 2200 cuts and collects plants at the same time. It is recommended for smaller waterways such as golf ponds where space is scarce and the water flow can make collection difficult. When only the cutting function is to be used the collection net on the cutting bucket can be removed. The machine is equipped with double-action ...

    By Dorotea Mekaniska AB based in Dorotea, SWEDEN. from Reed Cutter Product line

  • Bacta-Pur - Model XLG & XLG(A) - Lakes and Water Bodies

    Bacta-Pur XLG is a liquid suspension of balanced community of natural beneficial microorganisms, which have been selected for their capacity to biodegrade organic waste. It converts pollution into bacterial biomass, which becomes natural healthful food for fishes and invertebrates. Bacta-Pur XLG(A) includes Bacta-Pur XLG together with Bacta-Pur ...

    By IET-Aquaresearch Ltd. - Bacta-Pur based in North Hatley, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Lakes and Water Bodies Product line

  • Lake Aeration Systems - Vertex Water

    Vertex builds lake and pond aerators to increase oxygen and decrease stratification to an entire pond or lake for a healthier eco-system. Our pond and lake aerators pump compressed air to bottom diffusers resulting in total water column circulation for better aquatic plant and fish management.

    By AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. based in Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Lake Aeration Systems - Vertex Water Product line

  • Flat / Bale Trailers

    Triffitt flat / bale trailers feature fully welded 4.5mm chequer plate floor and 100 x 50 RHS side raves with 80 x 80 RHS front rack. Capacities of up to 16 metric tonnes are available with lengths up to 40 feet, also options for turntable types are included in the range. All Triffitt flat / bale trailers are constructed on 250 x 150 RHS chassis ...

    By Triffitt Trailers based in Blackburn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Aqua-Tron - Pond & Lake Clarifier

    Aqua-Tron has been developed to provide you with clean, clear, beautiful water. The build up of excess nutrients causes pond and lake Eutrophicaton, which is very unsightly. Aqua-Tron is composed of unique classes of beneficial microbes known to rapidly metabolize excess nutrients, pulling them from the water column, returning the water to a ...

    By Keeton Industries, Inc. based in Wellington, COLORADO (USA).

  • Doro - Front Mounted Reed Rake

    Using the front mounted reed rake, the Doro cutters can be used efficiently. Reeds that can be a problem for the propeller are steered away by using the rake, which can be used with the Hymo, Klippo, Wasse and Elis machines.

    By Dorotea Mekaniska AB based in Dorotea, SWEDEN. from Front Mounted Reed Rake Product line

  • Elster - Model V110 - Volumetric Meter

    The V110 volumetric meter has a co-polymer resin manufactured body which allows its use with absolute confidence where water with aggressive or dezincification properties exist. Available in sizes 15mm, 20mm and 25mm with flow rates of between 15l/h and 7m³/h.

    By Elster Water Metering - Honeywell based in Luton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Volumetric Meter Product line

  • Manta - Model 2 - Depth and Level Sensor

    Depth is distance below the water surface.  Stage is the same thing, except that stage sensors are usually more accurate over a smaller range (usually a maximum of 10 meters) than depth sensors, and are vented to the atmosphere.  The term “level” is often used interchangeably with stage

    By Eureka Water Probes based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Depth and Level Sensor Product line

  • Doro - Model ESM 1700 - Reed Cutter

    The  Doro Cutter ESM 1700 is mounted on the side of Truxor making it possible to cut along channels and canals. The angle of the cutting unit is adjustable. The knives are double- action Busati. The Doro Cutter ESM 1700 is equipped with a stone release system that protects the knives when they encounter solid objects. The cutter has a ...

    By Dorotea Mekaniska AB based in Dorotea, SWEDEN. from Reed Cutter Product line

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