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Laundry Water equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    ADsorb-it - Heavy Duty Double-Layer Filter Socks / Dewatering Bags

    Our heavy duty double-layered socks made from ADsorb-it® Filtration Fabric will filter silt, oil, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants from water discharges. They can be made in any size for your individual needs. ADsorb-it® filtration fabric provides approximately 100 micron filtration, thus the Filter Sock will act to reduce silt levels in ...

    By ADsorb-it - by Eco-Tec, Inc. based in Vaughn, WASHINGTON (USA).

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    Sebright - Model 3860-1-6 - Stationary Compactors with Tight Space Requirements

    This model was designed to fit Tight spaces, measuring 92.5” from the mating surface to the rear of the unit.  Like all Sebright compactors, these machines will feature premium components, and a proven design, with the performance and long life expectancy that is the trademark of all Sebright equipment.

    By Sebright Products, Inc. based in Hopkins, MICHIGAN (USA). from Stationary Waste Compactors Product line

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    Sebright - Model SC4260 - Self Contained Compactor (2 Cubic Yard Capacity)

    The Sebright Model SC-4260 is a compactor and container combined into a single efficient unit that has a built in sump with up to 1100 gallons of liquid retention capacity. Because the Model SC-4260 is designed to reduce in volume refuse that is wet, it is ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, and hospitals as well as any other location where the ...

    By Sebright Products, Inc. based in Hopkins, MICHIGAN (USA). from Compactors - Self-Contained Compactors Product line

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    Lenntech - Model RAP-2 - Remote Alarm Panel

    The RAP-2 Remote Alarm Panel is for alarming when signals from ozone and VOC monitors reach preset limits or set-points. The alarms are a red strobe light and a loud audible alarm. The RAP-2 also outputs its input signal in 4-20 mA form for building automation systems and other applications requiring long signal paths. The RAP-2 is powered by ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Alarm Devices Product line

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    Sebright - Model 4236-1-4 - Stationary Compactor (75 Cubic Yard Capacity)

    These shorter stationary compactors are required when a jobsite has limited space and high volumes of waste or recyclable material. Overall convenience and bottom-line savings will occur when a roll-off compaction container is utilized. These stationary compactors can be easily installed with security chutes, total enclosures, drive-on decks, and ...

    By Sebright Products, Inc. based in Hopkins, MICHIGAN (USA). from Stationary Waste Compactors Product line

  • Clean Waste Systems - Model OMW-1000 - Ozone Medical Waste Treatment System

    Clean Waste Systems OMW-1000 uses 'patented' technology utilizing ozone and special handling capabilities to treat and sterilize medical waste. While representing a breakthrough in sustainable technology, this solution makes business sense by providing almost immediate cost savings. The OMW-1000 is able to grind and treat regulated medical waste: ...

    By Clean Waste Systems, LLC based in Maple Lake, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • MODRoto - Model 90P - Roundtrip Laundry Cart

    The MODRoto 90P roundtrip laundry cart features a novel design that enables commercial laundries and textile services companies to use the same cart for delivering finished, folded goods and for picking up and returning soiled laundry. The classic 90P comes with a choice of wire metal or ventilated, plastic horizontal shelves that one person can ...

    By MODRoto based in Madison, INDIANA (USA).

  • Model OPL - Multi-Washer

    The OPL system that can control up to 10 washers and 10 chemicals. Hydro Systems is now the exclusive supplier of Dositec Sistemas chemical management systems in North America. Hydro Systems has long been the innovation leader in the commercial OPL laundry segment globally. The Dositec Sistemas partnership provides Hydro Systems ...

    By Hydro Systems Company - a Dover Company based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Numatics - Model SH Series - Guided Linear Motion Device

    The SH Series guided linear motion device capable of heavy loads and moderately long strokes.

    By ASCO Valve, Inc. based in Florham Park, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Cylinders & Actuators Product line

  • Broadbent - Model 20 - 100 kg - Laundry Washer Extractors

    High spin, spring suspended commercial washing machines with stainless steel inner and outer drum, single motor drive and fully programmable micro processor control.

    By Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd based in Huddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Commercial Laundry Equipment Product line

  • GreensandPlus - Performance Media for Water Filtration

    GreensandPlus™ is a black filter media used for removing soluble iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic and radium from groundwater supplies.

    By Inversand Company based in Clayton, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Condensing Economizers Systems

    Condensing Economizers improve the thermal efficiency of boilers by cooling the exhaust gas below its dew point (about 135°F for combustion products of natural gas) and recovering the latent heat of water vapor through special designed heat exchanger units.

    By Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. based in Signal Hill, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Lint Removal System (LRS)

    Commercial laundry systems are typically found in high occupancy, institutional facilities. Common problems associated with commercial laundry operations are fugitive laundry lint emissions polluting the exterior of the facility and fire hazards. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems has successfully designed and engineered a solution to these ...

    By Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation based in York, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Air Cleaning & Purifying Product line

  • Dositec - Electromagnetic System

    Electromagnetic Multi-Washer Unit for On-Premise Laundry. Hydro Systems is now the exclusive supplier of Dositec Sistemas chemical management systems in North America. Hydro Systems has been the innovation leader in the commercial OPL laundry segment globally; however, the Dositec Sistemas partnership provides Hydro Systems with a complete line of ...

    By Hydro Systems Company - a Dover Company based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Iron Removal Systems

    An iron problem is characterized by the red-brown staining of bathroom fixtures and laundry. In well water, iron usually occurs in its ferrous state. The water is clear when drawn but once exposed to air the iron changes into a ferric (oxidized) state. The water turns red and forms insoluble 'rust' particles. Staining can be caused by as little as ...

    By Chempure Technologies Pvt Ltd. based in Chennai, INDIA.

  • SWATAB - Model DIRO-TM21 - Filter Systems

    Pure water for laundry, the SWATAB's unique filter system installed in your laundry room. Now it is possible to wash without detergent and fabric softener, but still get a clean and soft wash. Plug DIRO-TM21 between your incoming water and your washing machine and the water transforms into a unique ultra-pure water, that will make the laundry ...

    By SWATAB based in Kristianstad, SWEDEN.

  • Septinguard - Self Cleaning Screening Plant

    Septinguard is the self-cleaning screening plant which separates the coarse solids from the tanker waters and it is supported by the best technology possible. Septinguard is a totally hermetic and automatic sewage treatment machine, composed of a special stainless steel tank combined with a self-cleaning Vanguard V2 belt screen with a 6 mm spacing ...

    By Nuove Energie s.r.l. based in Vicenza, ITALY. from Machines Product line

  • Model 404 - 1/3 hp Compact/Low Profile Drain Pump

    The short profile of Liberty's 404 is specially designed for compact areas and gives you the freedom to install fixtures where gravity drain lines are not available.  Our QuickTree® Technology provides a separate access cover for easy switch inspection. For gray wastewater applications, the 404 is perfect for laundry tray sinks, bar ...

    By Liberty Pumps based in Bergen, NEW YORK (USA). from Drain / Condensate Pumps Product line

  • Model CP - Piston Press

    The CP Piston Press is a machine that dries and compacts screening plants material or industrial waste. The material that has to be compacted falls into the compactor directly from the screen hopper or from a conveyor belt, then a steel hydraulic piston pushes the material inside the convey pipe, compacting and draining it. The CP Piston Press is ...

    By Nuove Energie s.r.l. based in Vicenza, ITALY. from Complementary Machines Product line

  • Model CSA - Screw Conveyor

    The CSA Screw Conveyor without shaft is perfect for the transportation of any screened material: not only is it totally closed in order to avoid leaking and bad odors, but it can also have an up to 30° inclination. Composed of a shaft-less screw that rotates inside a tube-shaped “U” section trough with one or more feeding hoppers ...

    By Nuove Energie s.r.l. based in Vicenza, ITALY. from Complementary Machines Product line

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