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  • Apron Conveyer
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    Apron Conveyer

    By Linkon Technology co.

    High efficiency than existing belts and screw conveyers. Simultaneous treatment of adulteration and lifted sediment. Smooth drainage of leachate. Transportation in vertical and sever slopes is possible so to reduce the ...

  • Leachate Tank
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    Leachate Tank

    By A Consult Ltd.

    The flexibility of the A-Consult tank system makes it ideal for process driven applications.

  • Mantis  Wastewater Leaching System
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    Mantis Wastewater Leaching System

    By Eljen Corporation

    The Revolutionary Leach Field That`s as Easy to Install as Connecting 4` Pipes! CT State Approved.Superior rating for Pressure & Gravity systems.Requires a much smaller installation area.No special tools or cover ...

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    Microbial Processing of Metal Sulfides

    The application of microbiological methods to the extraction of metals from minerals has definitely gained a prominent role and is supported by the ...