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  • Legionella Testing Kit
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    Legionella Testing Kit

    By Kurita

    Legionnaires disease was discovered in the late 70‘s after several outbreaks. In the last ten years, the authorities and countries started to intensify their efforts to regulate the topic. Countries like Spain, ...

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  • Hydrosense Ltd

    Hydrosense Ltd

    Albagaia Ltd. is an environmental technology business specializing in industrial applications. The company is the producer of a breakthrough ...

  • IRIS Technologies International GmbH

    IRIS Technologies International GmbH

    Ready to use kit for legionella testing in just one hour (Legipid). Legipid is available for 10, 40 or 100 assays. Cleanpid for sample clean-up as a ...

  • GTS Legionella Laboratory

    GTS Legionella Laboratory

    GTS Legionella Laboratory has been testing for Legionella spp. in water samples from cooling towers and potable water world-wide. This began when the ...