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  • Apartment Water Test - Case Study

    Apartment Water Test - Case Study

    We had successfully mitigated this exact situation at another property (Family Tree Apartments] which also had extensive pin hole leaks and water heater failures. Based upon this prior exceptional success, it was clear that the H20 Solutions USA, LLC team was again needed to engineer a solution. H20 Solutions USA, LLC is analysis revealed that the water supply in Greenfield, CAis very hard at 18 ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Twin Tank Automatic Water Softeners

    Twin Tank Automatic Water Softeners

    Twin tank water softeners are completely automatic, with either timed or volume control, according to requirements. Simplicity of conduction combined with high performance levels make them an excellent investment for the home, safeguarding the pipes, boiler, taps and all electrical appliances that use water on a day-to-day basis, protecting them from the damage caused by limescale that builds up ...