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Lime Softening equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Toro Equipment - Model TDC Series - Lime Dosing Hopper

    The Lime Hopper (TDC) is an equipment made of stainless steel that facilitates lime dosing for the conditioning of sludge produced in wastewater treatment.

    By Toro Equipment S.L. based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN. from Lime Dosing Hopper Product line

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    Model B2 - Unique and Automated Lime System

    This unique and automated system feeds the correct amount of liquid lime (CACO calcium oxide) to any type of liquid biosolids for achieving EPA 503 Class 'B' stabilization results. This system can be adapted almost any type of WWTP for the stabilization of biosolids. This system provides a very simple method to achieve Class 'B' stabilization and ...

    By LLC based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA). from Unique and Automated Lime System Product line

  • Nordkalk Filtra - Model G - Granulated Slaked Lime

    Nordkalk Filtra G is a granulated slaked lime product. It is mainly used to absorb the sulphur compounds in flue gases but also in other environmental applications such as water purification. Nordkalk Filtra G is in the form of granules, which makes the product easy to handle and minimises dusting. The marine modification is adapted from proven ...

    By Nordkalk Corporation based in Pargas, FINLAND. from Granulated Slaked Lime Product line

  • Lime Handling Systems

    Richard Alan Engineering manufactures a liquid lime storage system and a fully automated powdered lime batching system.

    By Richard Alan Engineering Ltd based in Dewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lime Handling Systems Product line

  • Ball Mill Slaker

    Chemco supplied vertical ball mill slakers (The Union Process CLS Attritor) produce quality hydrated lime from commercial grade quicklime.  Slakers are used to convert Calcium Oxide to Calcium Hydroxide for use in neutralization and pH control.  Grinding action of the media eliminates the need for grit disposal.

    By Chemco Systems L.P. based in Monongahela, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Ball Mill Slaker Product line

  • IMS - Model A-758 Plus - Lime Slaking System

    The A-758 Plus Lime Slaker system provides reliable, efficient slaking of various grades of quicklime (CaO) at a substantial savings over other slaking methods. Our paste-type lime slaker produces a higher strength and more reactive paste resulting in more efficient use of lime. The resulting higher strength slurry reduces wasted lime and ...

    By Integrity Municipal Systems (IMS) based in Poway, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Lime Slaking System Product line

  • Lime Slurry

    The Utmost in Quality & Ease: The benefits of lime slurry in neutralization and stabilization are clear: it's a manageable product that allows you to work more safely and effectively.

    By Sudbury Lime Ltd. based in Copper Cliff,, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • CON-V-AIR - Hydrated Lime Injection System

    The hydrated lime injection system is designed to eliminate problems related to injecting hydrated lime in your process. Storage, handling, dosing and feeding have been engineered to reduce maintenance and keep the plant clean. High-efficiency filters, seal-tight enclosures and vacuum wetting device have all been designed so you can enjoy the cost ...

    By CON-V-AIR Solutions based in St-Hubert, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Sorbacal - Model SL - Lime Slurry

    Milk of lime also called lime slurry or milk of lime. The quality and reactivity of Milk of Lime depend on the characteristics of the lime and water quality, but is also dependent on the slaking process.

    By Lhoist Group based in Limelette, BELGIUM. from Lime Slurry Product line

  • Paddle Mixer

    In addition to product homogenisation, the paddle mixer allows new ingredients to be incorporated into the recipe. One or several additives are incorporated and homogenised by the counter-rotating movement of the two paddle shafts. The paddles have an adjustable direction to modify the time, the flow and quality of the mix. The mixer can also ...

    By Lessines Industries SA based in Péruwelz, BELGIUM. from Paddle Mixer Product line

  • Batch Slaker

    Chemco batch slakers produce quality hydrated lime from commercial grade quicklime.  Batch slakers were developed for customers who need a relatively small quantity of hydrated lime slurry each day and, for cost reasons, they want to use quicklime.  Batch slakers are inherently cleaner and require less daily cleaning and maintenance.

    By Chemco Systems L.P. based in Monongahela, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Batch Slaker Product line

  • Special Units

    Lime milk production units. Lime milk dilution units. Chemical dosing units. Neutralisation units. Lamellar decanters,thickeners, Sludge treatment units. Pilot plants (emission, water). Dosing skids. Oil separators (several types).

    By TASK bvba Environmental Engineering based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Special Units Product line

  • Lime-Stabilized Sludge Treatment Systems

    Claro designs and manufacturers reliable and cost-effective lime-sludge stabilization systems that deliver EPA Class A- or Class B-certified biosolids. Reduction of pathogens, odors, and the vector attraction potential of municipal and other sludges is achieved through a fully automated shaftless spiral conveyor system that enables thorough lime ...

    By Claro Inc based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Lime-Stabilized Sludge Treatment Systems Product line

  • Cold & Warm Lime Softeners

    Ecodyne can customize the basic Reactivator-Clarifier design to accommodate cold lime or warm lime operation as required for TSS hardness, alkalinity and silica removal. Options for on-site erection depending on location and site access are also available.

    By Ecodyne Ltd based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Cold & Warm Lime Softeners Product line

  • Hydrated Lime

    Hydrated lime (or calcium hydroxide, or slaked lime) is a dry powder, resulting from the controlled slaking of quicklime with water. This reaction produces heat.

    By Lhoist Group based in Limelette, BELGIUM.

  • Sorbacal - Model H - High Quality Slaked Lime (Ca(OH)2

    Sorbacal H is a high quality slaked lime (Ca(OH)2) designed for the neutralisation of acidic pollutants. It appears as a white, dry, ready-to-use powder. H is used directly in dry processes with or without recycling.

    By Lhoist Group based in Limelette, BELGIUM. from High Quality Slaked Lime (Ca(OH)2 Product line

  • RDP - Precision Lime Stabilization System

    The RDP Precision Lime Stabilization Systems combines over 30 years of first hand experience with robust equipment, in a clean, workmanlike, arrangement that results in a simple but clean Class B sludge/lime stabilization system that is practical, simple to operate for years without much regular operator attention or maintenance.

    By RDP Technologies, Inc. based in Conshohocken, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Precision Lime Stabilization System Product line

  • Flexicon - Lime Feeder

    The Flexicon Lime Feeder simultaneously meters and conveys lime to pH neutralization tanks and pools from silos, bulk bags, 50 lb. bags or any source.Equipped with AC or DC variable speed drives, it conveys lime vertically, horizontally or at any angle; over short or long distances; over, under or around obstructions. The rugged flexible screw is ...

    By Flexicon Corporation based in Bethlehem, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Lime Feeder Product line

  • EZstrip - Cake Pump

    The EZstrip Cake Pump features a specially designed feed chamber that can easily be disconnected allowing access to the rotating assembly. The rotor can be separated from the conveyor allowing removal of the rotor and stator all within its own assembled length. This process can take as little as 6 minutes!

    By Moyno, Inc. based in Springfield, OHIO (USA). from Cake Pump Product line

  • Flexturi - Lime Pumping System

    The Flexturi is an anti-clogging lime milk system designed to replace traditional distribution pumps. It is capable of distributing up to 10% solution concentration for a pre-treatment pH adjustment or used in post treatment to protect the distribution network. The Flexturi’s self-cleaning flexible venturi section provides water treatment ...

    By CON-V-AIR Solutions based in St-Hubert, QUEBEC (CANADA).

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