Manhole Rehabilitation

Equipment & Solutions

  • Concrete Manhole  Replacement
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    Concrete Manhole Replacement

    By AP/M Permaform

    When the structural value of the old manhole wall is lost, the best option is total replacement without digging. Full-depth excavation for replacement or partial-depth excavation for rigid liner insertion requires ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc.

    Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc.

    Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. IRSI is the sole manufacturer of the patented ...

  • Madewell Products Corporation

    Madewell Products Corporation

    We are manufacturers of corrosion-resistant protective coatings, concrete restoration products, and specialty application equipment. These products ...

  • AP/M Permaform

    AP/M Permaform

    Action Products Marketing Corp. (AP/M) began rehabilitating manholes in 1975 with our patented PERMAFORM system for replacement of manholes without ...

  • Shonan Plastic Mfg. Co., Ltd.

    ICP Breath Method is C.I.P.P. system (pipe/sewer of 2` to 6.6` inner diameter rehabilitation and manhole rehabilitation). Manhole Rehabilitation, ...