Manhole Rehabilitation

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  • Preventative maintenance pays off - Case Study

    Preventative maintenance pays off - Case Study

    A Florida Municipality Finds an Efficient System for Preventing Corrosion in ManholesThe City of Pace, Fla., located near Pensacola in the Florida panhandle, was experiencing significant corrosion in its manholes that made maintenance and construction of its wastewater system increasingly costly and inefficient. If not corrected, the municipality realized that the structural integrity of


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  • Nozzle


    Multiple Applications with One Nozzle. Cuts with Water Rather than Chain. Controlled Rotational Speed. Expansion Kit up to 24” Pipe Diameter (Available). Individual Jets for Cleaning, Propulsion, Penetration, & Rotation. Rear Jets can be Plugged and Forward Jets Open to be Used for Manhole Cleaning*.