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  • Preventative maintenance pays off - Case Study

    Preventative maintenance pays off - Case Study

    A Florida Municipality Finds an Efficient System for Preventing Corrosion in ManholesThe City of Pace, Fla., located near Pensacola in the Florida panhandle, was experiencing significant corrosion in its manholes that made maintenance and construction of its wastewater system increasingly costly and inefficient. If not corrected, the municipality realized that the structural integrity of

  • Air Leak Test for Low Pressure Pipelines

    A guide on how-to-implement the Air Leak Test at gravity pipelines by following the right rules and regulations as per EN 1610.Air Leak Test is one of the test methods for testing any leakage at the ...


  • We Have Biaxial Mixing Machine On Sale

    We Have Biaxial Mixing Machine On Sale

    The biaxial mixer rotated through two sets of shafts with spiral blades. Spraying and mixing the powdered material with water to make the powdery materials reach controllable humidity. This equipment is mainly suitable for the ...

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  • Unique Pump Station Screen

    Unique Pump Station Screen

    The Unique Pump Station Screen is part of the range of high quality German manufactured screens and has been designed specifically for screening solids in pump stations. Solids collecting in pump stations can cause many problems including pump blockages. The HUBER pumps station screen is designed to remove solids from pump stations before the inlet of the pumps, thus increasing the reliability ...