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Marine Monitoring services for Water and Wastewater

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    Ocean Wave, Tidal Flow & Marine Current Testing Services

    The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) collaborates with research institutions and industry on testing wave and current energy systems at Ohmsett. Our wave and towing test tank is available for R&D and testing of large to full-scale equipment processes for ocean wave and current technologies.

    By OHMSETT based in Leonardo, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Aquatic Biota Monitoring

    Coastal and marine waters serve as sinks for wastes from land-based sources, provide livelihood directly and indirectly to millions of people, provide food, maintain water cycles, regulate climatic conditions, and maintain the complex ecological balance of coastal and marine ecosystems. Therefore, sustainably managing the coastal and marine ...

    By Apercu Consultants, Inc. based in Quezon City, PHILIPPINES.

  • Managing Arctic Resources

    The Arctic represents the world’s largest remaining region of undiscovered conventional oil and gas resources.

    By ExxonMobil based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Oceanographic Surveying & Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental Impact Assessments are playing an ever increasing role in marine resource management, especially in the extractive and waste disposal industries. Local and national authorities and public and private industry are increasingly required to monitor impacts on the environment ranging from measuring discharge of pollutants into ...

    By Coastline Surveys Limited (CSL) based in Falmouth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Earth and Marine Surveys Services

    EAME is able to offer a range of earth and marine survey related services.

    By Earth and Marine Environmental Consultants (EAME) based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Maritime Pollution Response - Coastal Section Services

    For the five Coastal States this section organises the marine pollution response at the coasts, the estuaries and the ports as well as on shores and beaches. We establish the contingency plan for marine pollution response and we develop further response strategies and techniques. Our section purchases all technical equipment needed, such as oil ...

    By Havariekommando based in Cuxhaven, GERMANY.

  • Recruiting Services for ships crew and onshore industrie

    Crew selection complemented by keeping track on hired seafarers and their performance plays an immense role in the vessel owners’ overall satisfaction and the success of ship management companies.

    By Accedo Trading based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Ecology and Impact Assessment Services

    Aquatic impact assessment; Assessment of biological and ecological processes; Freshwater and marine monitoring and baseline surveys; Hydroacoustic studies; Sediment analysis plans.

    By Hydrobiology based in Queensland, AUSTRALIA.

  • Environmental Monitoring Programs

    Effluent pollution from waste discharged from fish farming activities is becoming one of the most serious issues negatively affecting the aquaculture industry today. Environmental Monitoring Programs and Effluent Management Systems not only ensure compliance with national and international water quality standards but also guarantees that optimum ...

    By eAqua Ltd. based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Waterfront / Marine Services

    With a specialized staff of waterfront engineers, environmental planners, and structural and geotechnical engineers, PARE has played an instrumental role in the development and maintenance of waterfront facilities throughout the Northeast United States. We address all phases of projects in the highly sensitive areas of coastal site ...

    By Pare Corporation based in Foxboro, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Oceanographic Services

    Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys provide multi-disciplinary oceanographic services and support to the marine construction, civil engineering, renewable energy, water and maritime industries. Our survey and consultancy services are based on knowledge, innovation and experience with stringent quality assurance via our ISO 9001:2008 ...

    By Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys based in Irvine, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Subtidal Monitoring

    Our tailored diving surveys can search for a specific species or habitat of interest (for instance, a UK marine BAP habitat or species) or undertake an MNCR Phase 2 style biotope exercise. Depending on your needs, we can even work with our associates to produce exhaustive species lists of what lives in your area of interest, be it for conservation ...

    By Marine Ecological Solutions based in Isle of Anglesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Marine Surveying & Monitoring Service line

  • Underwater Photography / Video, and Analysis

    Here at Marine EcoSol we work with experienced underwater photographers and videographers to produce high quality underwater photos and video footage. Marine EcoSol has experience in various fields of underwater photo and video projects, from filming underwater footage for media purposes to subtidal diver video quadrat surveys and drop down video ...

    By Marine Ecological Solutions based in Isle of Anglesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Marine Surveying & Monitoring Service line

  • In-Situ identification

    As part of a development, EIA or planning application you may be required to undertake a biotope or habitat classification of what lives on the seabed, or simply look for a habitat or species of conservation concern (for example UK Marine BAP habitats and species) at your site. Marine EcoSol can provide highly skilled marine biologists, with years ...

    By Marine Ecological Solutions based in Isle of Anglesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Marine Surveying & Monitoring Service line

  • Acoustic Remote Sensing of Marine Habitats

    Our close associate, Jack Egerton of Echology, specialises in acoustics survey which sometimes augments our survey capabilities for clients. Equipment knowledge includes; Biosonics DTX Split Beam Fisheries Echosounder, Sidescan sonar, AGDS, Simrad ES60 echosounder, Geoswath multibeam.

    By Marine Ecological Solutions based in Isle of Anglesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Marine Surveying & Monitoring Service line

  • Sediment Sampling Services

    Sediment sampling can be completed using two main methods: Grab Samples and Core Samples.

    By GeoView, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Marine Based Methods Service line

  • Geophysics Engineering Services

    EBA delivers efficient and effective geophysical solutions to both standard and unique project challenges. We have the in-house expertise to deliver services in:

    By EWD Consulting Corp. based in BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Engineering Service line

  • PBT and vPvB Assessment Services

    Substances that are considered PBT (persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic) and/or vPvB (very persistent and very bioaccumulative) require special attention under REACH. The major concern with these substances is that after release to the environment they may accumulate, persist for a long time and/or may be transported over long distances. Toxic ...

    By EBRC Consulting GmbH based in Hannover, GERMANY. from Industrial Chemicals – REACH Service line

  • Environmental Field Services

    ASI Group is fully equipped to offer a wide range of technical aquatic field services for an array of client-specific needs.

    By ASI Group Ltd. based in St Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Engineering Services Service line

  • Marine Fill Testing

    TSG has been instrumental in the establishment of new ABYC fill testing guidelines.  Using our test carts that provide accurate, programmable fill rates, TSG can perform all of the fill tests needed to verify refueling performance, as well as validate systems designed to provide proper shutoffs and prevent spit back and overfill conditions.

    By Testing Services Group, LLC based in Lapeer, MICHIGAN (USA). from Marine Service line

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