Membrane Bioreactors

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  • MBR - Membrane Bioreactor
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    MBR - Membrane Bioreactor

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

    The WesTech ClearLogic® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) featuring the new Alfa Laval Hollow Sheet™ Membrane Technology offers clear advantages to the MBR process. Advantages of the ClearLogic MBR include ultra-low ...

  • High Strength Membrane Bioreactor (HSMBR)
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    High Strength Membrane Bioreactor (HSMBR)

    By BioMicrobics, Inc.

    The BioBarrier HSMBR (High Strength Membrane Bioreactor) Systems help meet the increasingly stringent needs of specialized applications. The membranes and processes used in this advanced system act as an impenetrable ...

  • Membrane BioReactors (MBRs)
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    Membrane BioReactors (MBRs)

    By BioMicrobics, Inc.

    Single-Family, Decentralized Membrane Bioreactor Systems that Meet Future Effluent Standards. A new generation of wastewater treatment solutions bucks the trend to large centralized treatment plants and complex sewer ...

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    We, Water Matrix Technologies FZE. have pleasure in introducing us as a team of environmental engineers specializing in supplying of Self Aspirating ...