Membrane Flter Cartridges

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  • Exhaust Air Filtration in Systec Autoclaves

    Exhaust Air Filtration in Systec Autoclaves

    Steam sterilization in autoclaves is used – especially in biological and medical laboratories – to inactivate natural or genetically modified microorganisms. However, during the heat-up phase, in which air is removed from the pressure vessel, biological agents can potentially escape into the work area as aerosols. This means ...


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  • General Water Filtration Systems

    General Water Filtration Systems

    Filtration is a physical method of removing suspended solids from a solution. In water treatment applications, these solids may range from dirt, plant material, and debris washed into the water supply to bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic particles that occur naturally. These particles can damage pumps and valves, decrease the effectiveness of treatment processes such as disinfection, and ...