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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Soil Mixing- Case Study

    Soil Mixing- Case Study

    ERC was hired as the General Contractor for this project to treat organic contaminants found in the soil via in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO).  To achieve this ERC excavated and stockpiled 2’ of overburden soils from the treatment area then utilized a 336sized excavator with a mounted transverse mixing head attachment to perform in-situ soil mixing on an approximately 9,943 square ...

  • 36m Concrete Pump Truck

    36m Concrete Pump Truck

    The 36-meter concrete pump truck is an excellent medium and short arm pump truck, which is made after HBT towing pump, HBC on-board pump and HGY hydraulic concrete dispenser. It is a high-efficiency, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Multi-Gas Detector (PPM Ranges)

    Portable Multi-Gas Detector (PPM Ranges)

    The XP-3160 is an economical portable combustible gas detection system for environmental and spot check applications. The XP-3160 features built-in correction factors and can be configured to detect up to 5 flammable gases at once. Select from over 20 gases in your custom configuration. Simple and reliable sensing allows you to use the XP-3160 with confidence. For the quick measurement of ...