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  • Data Telemetry Buoy
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    Data Telemetry Buoy

    By Valeport Ltd

    The Model 750 Telemetry Buoy is the ideal accessory for Valeport`s Wave Recorders, and other Valeport instrumentation, with its fully bi-directional UHF link between instrument and PC. The buoy is of classic spar ...

  • Oceanographic Data Buoy
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    Oceanographic Data Buoy

    By Envirtech Subsea Systems S.r.l.

    The Envirtech MKIV, 3-Metres buoy, is state of the art in met-ocean data gathering. The buoy is composed of a multi-sector rotationally moulded, foam-filled floats, and stainless steel mechanical frame and turret. It ...

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  • Linemaster

    Linemaster was founded in 1992. The result of an idea to create a product to aid in the deployment of Longlines. Today the Linemaster Longline ...

  • Biobeam Scientific Instrument LLP

    Biobeam Scientific Instrument LLP

    BSI Conceptualized in 2011 and started being operationally active in 2012 was established out of experience in the distribution of Analytical, Drug ...


    Founded and located in two important places in South Korea, Seoul (capital) and Ulsan (main place of shipbuilding activities) , Globon has ...

  • Fiomarine

    Fiomarine specialises in securing and retrieving underwater equipment and data for Environmental Monitoring, Oceanography, Hydrography and Fisheries ...

  • Walsh Marine Products

    Walsh Marine Products

    Walsh Marine Products is a premier manufacturer of navigational aids for inland waterways. Specializing in buoys and floats, our product line ...