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Ocean Research Applications

  • Unmanned surface vehicle solutions for oceanographic survey

    So, what is the next step for USV technology? Developing larger, longer endurance USVs and taking them beyond shallow waters. OceanAlpha has continued its quest to develop autonomous vessels, integrating them with multibeam sonar, sub-bottom profilers, side scan sonar, CTD, SVP, and LiDAR capabilities for the oceanographic survey community. OceanAlpha’s USVs have been placed with lead users in the markets and have been applied from coastal oceanographic surveying to open sea areas, including the Antarctic...

    By OceanAlpha Group Ltd. based in Wan Chai, CHINA.

  • Assessing underground infrastructure for water industry

    America’s growth and development is dependent on reliable water provisions. Currently 3.9 trillion gallons of water are consumed in the United States per month, & the average American uses 176 gallons of water per day. Sources for drinking water are becoming less reliable as time passes. While nearly 70 percent of the world is covered by water, only 2.5 percent of it is fresh with the rest being saline and ocean-based. Water is a precious resource, therefore needs to be conserved and used appropriately....

    By EnTech Engineering Company based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Underwater solutions for the marine research industry

    Compared with more traditional methods of underwater retrieval, Fiomarine’s products offer the Environmental Monitoring, Oceanography, Hydrography and Fisheries Research communities: reliability, simplicity, flexibility, and lower total cost of ownership.

    By Fiomarine Industries Pty Ltd. based in Glenorchy, AUSTRALIA.

  • Spotter Buoy for Marine Weather

    Turn it on, drop it in the water, and wave and wind data show up on your dashboard. It’s that simple.

    By Sofar Ocean Technologies based in San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • GIS software for marine and coast industry

    New geographic information system (GIS) technology tools enable you to better understand and represent the systems at work in the seas and oceans. From the coastal shoreline to the bathymetric bottom, marine GIS has been adapted and implemented to help you achieve your goals in coastal zone management, research, ocean industries, and navigation.

    By Esri based in Redlands, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Portable analytical instruments solutions for lab & field studies sector

    Meet the Z: The world’s premier handheld LIBS (Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) analyzer featuring the most advanced technology ever created in a handheld elemental analyzer. The Z-300’s spectrometer range covers 190 nm – 850 nm, or optionally out to 930 nm. It offers instant analysis of every element in the Periodic Table, for nearly all materials, anywhere on the planet. The analyzer features pre-configured Apps for specific applications (alloys, geochem, etc.). Or users may create their...

    By SciAps, Inc. based in Woburn, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Underwater Drones for Underwater Research

    ALTERNATIVE, PROFITABLE AND EFFICIENT. Our underwater drones make it possible to research our oceans, rivers and lakes, offering a cost-effective and efficient alternative for underwater research. This type of research is usually carried out in places far from the coast, but thanks to the portability offered by our ROVs this is not hindrance, as they can be transported wherever you go.

    By Nido Robotics based in Murcia, SPAIN.

  • Underwater solutions for the oil & gas industry

    Fiomarine’s technology is so versatile it can help you secure, locate and retrieve a range of equipment used across the Oil & Gas and other Commercial industries. Valuable equipment can be secured underwater and economically, reliably and safely retrieved with Fiomarine’s technology.

    By Fiomarine Industries Pty Ltd. based in Glenorchy, AUSTRALIA.

  • Underwater Robots for Exploration & Research

    Observing aquatic life in real-time had only been accessible through scuba diving and snorkeling. Not only that, the behaviors of aquatic life in their natural habitat are hard to observe. However, FIFISH provides the user with a rare opportunity to research and study various behaviors of ocean life -such as breeding, mating, hunting, and much more- all while at the comfort of staying on land.

  • Algae control in ship hulls

    Prevent biofouling on ship hulls with ultrasound to reduce the use of antifouling paint. Prevent biofouling formation. Lower fuel costs. Safe for the marine ecosystem.

    By LG Sonic based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS.

  • Underwater technologies for scientific research sector

    Recent technological innovations keep pushing the boundaries of scientific research further. A great number of scientits work together to preserve of our ocean today. Their discoveries ever deepens our understanding of the fragile ecosystem that surrounds us – and our mission here at Notilo Plus is to provide a complex underwater system that supports scientists in their task by enhancing the precision and speed of their research.

    By Notilo Plus based in Marseille, FRANCE.

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