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Ocean Research services for Water and Wastewater

  • Premium

    Ocean Wave, Tidal Flow & Marine Current Testing Services

    The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) collaborates with research institutions and industry on testing wave and current energy systems at Ohmsett. Our wave and towing test tank is available for R&D and testing of large to full-scale equipment processes for ocean wave and current technologies.

    By OHMSETT based in Leonardo, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Oceans and Coastal Protection

    We call it the 'Blue Planet' for a reason: Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the globe.From our oceans, we get fish to eat, clean air to breathe, as yet undiscovered medicines to treat disease and new places to harness energy. Whether we live near the coast, or far inland, the oceans make our lives better.

    By The Nature Conservancy based in Arlington, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Dangerous Goods Packaging Services

    The repacking of hazardous materials comprises the core of the many services offered by DGM. Our staff expertly packs hazardous materials according to all applicable regulations while also selecting the most cost effective means of shipment. We can assist with any request for packing of any hazardous material - just ask!

    By DGM New York based in Linden, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Survey & Analysis Services

    Survey and Analysis, including field surveys and data analyses of limnology and oceanography, meteorology, geography and geology, noise and vibration, terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna, and socioeconomics.

    By E&E Solutions Inc. based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

  • Ocean Recovery Services

    Help us ensure Government creates and protects a network of Marine Protected Areas around the UK. The UK’s iconic seas and coast are home to some of the most colourful, fascinating and beautiful marine life in the world, supporting everything from valuable fish stocks, to delicate jewel anemones, Basking sharks and Angel sharks. The wealth ...

    By UK Marine Conservation Society based in Ross-on-Wye, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Technical Consultancy Services

    The ocean is a hostile medium which will quickly expose flaws in engineering design. Successful projects in the marine environment require the application of specialist knowledge in areas such as fluid dynamics, wave loading and structural response, material properties at high pressure, corrosion, fatigue and marine fouling.

    By Focus Offshore Ltd. based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Services

    At Ocean Sonics we believe in building and maintaining relationships with our users by providing the best customer service. With 25 years experience designing smart hydrophones, data loggers and acoustic recorders, President Mark Wood is confident that his team of engineers and multi-skilled personnel can help accomplish your underwater sound ...

    By Ocean Sonics Ltd. based in Great Village, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

  • Oceanography

    By Partrac Ltd based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • SeaRobotics - Engineering Services

    SeaRobotics engineers provide a broad range of expertise covering many engineering disciplines. Our suite of CAD/CAM tools allow our teams to develop a client’s concept from visualization all the way through to an automated fabrication process. SeaRobotics’ expertise covers a range of disciplines that includes systems, structural, and ...

    By SeaRobotics Corporation (SRC) based in Stuart, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Virginia CZM Program Mid-Atlantic Ocean Conservation Efforts

    In June 2009, the governors of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York signed a Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Conservation Agreement to create the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO).  This Council advocates in one voice to leverage greater state influence on the management of mid-Atlantic offshore ...

    By Virginia Department of Environmental Quality based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Simulation Cable Services

    Makai’s technical staff have deep theoretical and practical knowledge of cable installation and retrieval, towed arrays, drag arrays, tow fish and anchor deployments. Using the advanced simulation features in MakaiPlan Pro, Makai has run customized simulations to answer specific questions about installations of seismic arrays, power cable ...

    By Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. based in Kailua, HAWAII (USA).

  • Custom Instrument Development Services

    Biospherical Instruments has a long history of custom instrument development. We built systems for biolumenescence and fluorescence detection, both for the laboratory (Figure 1) and the field. We built a variety of different systems for studying fluorescence — primarily of chlorophyll — in both the laboratory and in ...

    By Biospherical Instruments Inc. (BSI) based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Physical Oceanography

    The physical oceanography data describe circulation patterns and what drives them in Cook Inlet. For example, how important is the Alaska Coastal Current’s influx into the Inlet in driving net circulation in the lower inlet and how do seasonal changes in freshwater input into upper Cook Inlet change the net outflow along the west side of ...

    By Cook Inlet RCAC based in Kenai, ARKANSAS (USA).

  • Consultancy Services

    Miros staff comprises highly educated and skilled personnel on Ph.D. and M.Sc. level within the areas of electronics, software, remote sensing, oceanography, physics and fluid dynamics. Based on this expertise Miros offers and provides studies, R&D, consultancy and development-work for, or in cooperation with other companies and institutions.

    By MIROS AS based in Asker, NORWAY.

  • Reef Monitoring

    We utilise standard survey techniques to provide reliable long-term information on the health of coral reefs.

    By based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Rapid Response Services

    The Bell-Vac equipment package is portable enough to be utilized from an ATV trailer to the deck of a landing craft or any other means of transportation including a snowcat. Our mobile response road-ready trailers house up to 1,200 gallons of recovery capacity each.With a workable distance of 1000’ from the equipment technicians can deploy ...

    By Belltech Consultants Inc. based in Orange Beach, ALABAMA (USA).

  • Marine Construction, Management, Salvage, Commercial Diving, and Dredging

    Based in Anchorage Alaska, Gunderboom and its Underwater Construction division have provided Marine Services in some of the world's most challenging environments. Founded in 1974, Underwater Construction’s primary objective has been to offer marine construction, management, subarctic and arctic piledriving, commercial diving, fabrication, ...

    By Gunderboom, Inc based in Anchorage, ALASKA (USA).

  • Marine Conservation Volunteering

    Despite covering over 70% of our planet, only 0.6% of the world oceans are protected. Humans are damaging the world’s fragile marine ecosystems and the species they support at an alarming rate. Fishing practices are unsustainable, with stocks of our fished species expected to collapse before 2050. Billions of unwanted fish and other animals ...

    By Frontier based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Oceanography

    The Oceanography Department specializes in measurement campaigns at sea, on the coast and in aquatic environments. It collects, exploits and applies data to: Determine the nature of the seabed, Know the physical and dynamic parameters of the water (current, swell), Assess the living environment, Assess the situation, studies the pre-project ...

    By IN VIVO Environnement based in La ForĂȘt-Fouesnant, FRANCE.

  • Alden - Environmental Services

    Alden’s engineers, scientists and biologists are the experts in the field of environmental impact mitigation at water resource projects. Our team has developed numerous fish protection systems for water intakes, as well as upstream and downstream fish passage facilities at dams and power plants. We are ...

    By Alden Research Laboratory, Inc. based in Holden, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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