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  • PB38BT-4R-E Hydraulic Placing Boom

    PB38BT-4R-E Hydraulic Placing Boom

    Lattice Tower concrete placing boom PB38BT-4R-E with the placing boom upper part, combine the function of tower and placing boom. With the rise of the building, the placing boom can increase the standard section by the own climbing frame. When the height exceeds the stationery height, the placing boom will be attached to the wall.The operation method of this type placing boom become more ...

  • PB32A-3R-II Self-Climbing Concrete Placing Boom

    PB32A-3R-II Self-Climbing Concrete Placing Boom

    The PB32A-3R-II placing boom adopts high strength steel as its arm material. And the main electronic components are products of the world-famous brand, with high-quality. The whole machine is driven ...


  • Floating Sargassum barriers

    Floating Sargassum barriers

    Over the last few years, beachgoers have been faced with the awful sights and smell of stinking seaweed washing up on the shorelines.  Conditions have been perfect for the massive growth of Sargassum, the aquatic vegetation that continues to ...

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  • Oil Spill Response Strategies and Tactics Training Course

    Oil Spill Response Strategies and Tactics Training Course

    Training at Ohmsett takes the learning from the classroom, to the 2.6 million gallon wave tank.  That’s where students receive hands-on training with the latest spill response equipment and techniques used in the field during Oil Spill Strategies and Tactics Training, September 8-11, 2020 in Leonardo, New Jersey.