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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Using a UAV Drone to Monitor Methane

    Using a UAV Drone to Monitor Methane

    Recently the use of a UAV drone for gas sensing has become more popular. From monitoring global warming to tracking the spread of pollution, there are many good reasons to want to be able to monitor carbon dioxide, methane and other hydrocarbon gas concentrations even in the most remote, or dangerous, of locations.Leaks in oil pipelines, are not just dangerous because of the explosion risk ...

  • Soil/Gas Risks

    Soil/Gas Risks

    Uncontrolled subsurface gas migration and emission poses a number of risks to the environment and human health & safety from anthropogenic sources (the general term for gases originating in human ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • High Sensitivity Addressable Oil Sense Cable

    High Sensitivity Addressable Oil Sense Cable

    FG-ODC is a digital sense cable for detection and location, along the entire length, of liquid hydrocarbons and liquid insoluble in water and theirvapors.It allows multiple leak detection and location thanks to independent digital addressing, enabled by an embedded microchip in each FG-ODCsense cable.The sensor element is optimized for very fast response with light to middle distillates, and is ...