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  • Ozone Generators
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    Ozone Generators

    By Primozone Production AB

    The Primozone GM-series ozone generators are based on the redefining ozone technology derived from the patented Primozone aluminum reactor. A technology that enables the worlds most reliable ozone production, with the ...

  • LOX Booster (Nitorgen blending)
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    LOX Booster (Nitorgen blending)

    By Primozone Production AB

    Ozone generators, in general, are not able to run efficiently on 100% oxygen. It will significantly decrease the efficiency of the ozone generation. An additive of nitrogen in the oxygen is necessary.

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  • Primozone Production AB

    Primozone Production AB

    Primozone is redefining ozone technology with its high performance cold plasma ozone generators. The Primozone GM-series ozone generators are built ...

  • Enaly


    Enaly Trade Co. Ltd. offters an extensive range of water/air treatment products.The products can be divided into two key areas:ozone generator and ...

  • Oxyzone Pty Ltd

    Oxyzone Pty Ltd`s name is a derivative of the words oxygen and ozone simply because it`s what we do. The founders of Oxyzone, backed by 25 years ...

  • Newland EnTech Co. Ltd.

    Newland EnTech Co. Ltd., founded in September 2000, located in the Newland Science Park, Fuzhou, China, which is an affiliated company of Fujian ...

  • Envirorental (Products) Ltd - Ozone Direct

    Envirorental (Products) Ltd - Ozone Direct

    Ozone Direct are well versed in all aspects of Ozone Generation/Odour control and removal and have been at the leading edge of Research and ...