Ozone Water Treatment

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  • Cooling Water Treatment by Ozone

    Cooling Water Treatment by Ozone

    The innovative conception of the Micro Air Bubble Generator did lead to participation at seventh frame programming of the EC for research and technological development. Marine bio-fouling is major problem for material in constant contact with seawater. Accumulation of marine organisms has impact on the proper functioning of engines and further appliances on board that ne


Equipment & Solutions

  • Spectroquant Move Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH

    Spectroquant Move Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH

    Mobile Colorimeter for Disinfection Control - The new Spectroquant® Move enables you to test at the click of a button for chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, cyanuric acid and pH analysis in water with one instrument. - Test all parameters with one instrument - Easy on-site analysis - Secure and reliable results with Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) - Even usable in dusty or wet environment ...