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  • McLaren/Hart Inc. has success cleaning hydraulic oil

    McLaren/Hart, Inc., a full-service environmental engineering company with offices across the United States, was tasked with bringing a cost-effective solution for the automation and expeditious recovery of a heavy gear oil / quench oil from the subsurface of an automotive manufacturing facility. After evaluating several active recovery systems that would meet the free-product recovery objectives ...


  • Groundwater Remediation for Environmental Safety

    Groundwater Remediation for Environmental Safety

    For farmers, landowners, businesses and local governments, groundwater is an essential resource. If local groundwater is not properly protected and managed, contamination can quickly become a common environmental problem that will reduce or ...

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  • Passive Skimmer

    Passive Skimmer

    For Low Recovery Wells: SOS and SPG Passive SkimmersThe QED family of Passive Skimmers has been designed for product only (LNAPL) recovery applications in sites where active pumping systems are not applicable due to existing conditions or extreme low permeable formations. The floating intake head follows the groundwater fluctuations in the recovery well, allowing only the free-floating phase ...