Phosphorus Removal Downloads

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    HydroGen Mate Deionising system for Hydrogen-Generators Datasheet

    Applications: For continuous generation of ultra pure deionised water (> 5 M?/cm) für hydrogen generators. For removal of organics, phosphates, chlorine and all ionisable constituents from tap ...

    By JCT Analysentechnik GmbH

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    AQUA MAG Blended Phosphate Brochure

    AQUA MAG blended phosphate is the premier corrosion inhibitor and sequesterant for use in potable and industrial water systems. The product is a liquid concentrate of exceptional purity, clarity, and stability utilizing a broad spectrum of phosphates for better sequestering and corrosion ...

    By Carus Corporation

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    CARUS 8600 Poly Ortho Phosphate Blend Data Sheet

    CARUS 8600 water treatment chemical is an effective corrosion inhibitor and sequesterant for use in potable and industrial water systems. The product is a liquid concentrate of exceptional purity, clarity, and stability utilizing a broad spectrum of phosphates for better sequestering and corrosion ...

    By Carus Corporation

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    ANPHOS Phosphate Recovery from Wastewater Brochure

    Application: In order to remove phosphates from waste waters or digestate in an environmentally friendly manner the ANPHOS® process can be applied. During anaerobic waste water purification the phosphate present is largely converted into ortho-phosphate, whereas the nitrogen is converted into ammonia (NH4-N). In case of aerobic pre-purification orthophosphate is formed as well with potassium ...

    By Colsen International b.v.

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    RO-Recycle / MemPhos Reversed Osmosis Treatment and Desalination of Waste Water Brochure

    By means of the newly developed RO-Recycle® process it is possible to improve the quality of the effluent of biological water purification systems to fresh water for boiler feed or cooling towers or to process water. This RO (reversed osmosis) technology is capable of processing up to 70 % of the total effluent and generate these water qualities. Current state of the art RO systems are ...

    By Colsen International b.v.

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    Vitec - Model 8200 Green - Liquid Antiscalant and Dispersant - Datasheet

    Vitec 8200 liquid antiscalant and dispersant is free of phosphate and phosphonate. This all-polymer blend is compatible with all membrane types and is a multicomponent formulation that provides a broad spectrum of scale precipitation prevention. It is typically applied to seawater and brackish systems producing industrial water, requiring phosphorus-free product to meet discharge requirements. ...

    By Avista Technologies

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    RoClean - Model L212 Green - High pH Liquid Cleaner - Datasheet

    RoClean L212 is an EDTA and Phosphate Free high pH, liquid cleaner formulated to remove silt and organic foulants including colloidal silica, clays, organic color, and bioslime from spiral wound polyamide elements. This product is especially effective in removing bioslime and solids in element feed spacers. RoClean L212 is certified by NSF International under NSF/ANSI Standard 60 as an off-line ...

    By Avista Technologies

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    Cycle Phosphate (PO4) Sensor User Manual

    Cycle phosphate (PO4) sensorUser manual01/2014, Edition 3Table of ContentsSection 1 Specifications ....................................................................................................................31.1 Mechanical...................................................................................................................................31.1.1 Bulkhead ...

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    Genesys - Model PHO - Calcium Phosphate Antiscalant Datasheet

    Genesys PHO has been developed specifically to prevent calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate scaling in Reverse Osmosis and Nano- Filtration systems. Genesys PHO permits system operation at higher pH and recovery than other antiscalants; thus reducing the amount of feed water, reject water disposal and acid for pH control needed, resulting in significant capital and operational cost ...

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    Waste Water RO Presentation

    Calcium phosphate inhibition: Phosphate in the environment. Wastewater plant. Phosphate chemistry. Parallel research dentistry. Calcium phosphate inhibition. Product development. Field trial results. ...

  • Aluminate Sodium Brochure

    Sodium Aluminate is most widely used in municipal drinking water and waste water treatment systems. As an alkali, Sodium Aluminate can work in applications where the addition of an caustic is not desirable. It provides an economical source of highly reactive alumina. Liquid sodium aluminate (LSA) is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the removal of phosphorus in ...

    By Usalco, LLC

  • Hydrok-Mecana Tertiary Filtration

    Tertiary Filtration for TSS reduction downstream of humus or secondary settlement tanks (<5mg/l TSS achievable) Tertiary phosphorus removal in combination with precipitation/flocculation - bespoke design for Ptot consent from 1mg/l to less than 0.1mg/l Micro-pollutant ‘Priority Substance’ removal As an alternative to fixed film biological treatment humus tanks for removal of TSS ...

    By Hydrok UK Ltd.

  • Ecoprocess Coco Filter - Treatment Unit Flyer

    The Ecoprocess Coco Filter is an innovative and compact wastewater treatment solution that requires no maintenance. The treatment system incorporates a 100% natural, organic filtering media made of coco husk fragments and a low-pressure distribution system that consumes very little energy. Preassembled and easy to install, Ecoprocess Coco Filter is shipped to sites ready-to-use in robust ...

    By Premier Tech Aqua

  • Sugar Creek WRRF Phosphorus Removal CSR Brochure

    To Everything There Is a Season; Lessons from Four Seasons of Phosphorus Removal at Greene County Sugarcreek WRRF Robert C. Smith1*, Larry J. Goble2 1 Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., 1900 Polaris Parkway, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43240. 2 Greene County, 2365 S.R. 725, Spring Valley, OH 45370-9707. *To whom correspondence should be addressed. Email: ABSTRACT This case study ...

    By Schreiber LLC

  • WASSTRIP Brochure

    Many wastewater treatment plants concentrate large quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus in their sludge dewatering streams. The dissolved nutrients promote the formation of obstructive struvite scale in piping, pumps and valves resulting in severe impacts to plant reliability, efficiency and operating and maintenance ...

  • ECR Electrostatic Contamination Removal Skid- Brochure

    ECR Model Sizing RecommendationsModel Reservoir Volume / ConditionECR 4000 Reservoir 400 gal., (1514l) Recovery or Maintenance Mode* HY-PRO FILTRATIONECRECR™ - Electrostatic Contamination RemovalPrevent EHC servo valve failures and extend useful fluid lifeRemoves sub-micron insoluble ...

    By Hy-Pro Filtration

  • ABC®-C, ABC®-N, ABC®-P (Anoxic Biological Clarifier) Brochure

    ABC®-C,  ABC®-N,  ABC®-P (Anoxic Biological Clarifier) ideal for: HighStrengthFAST® wastewater treatment systems, where there may or may not be infrastructure available. When additional clarifying, higher levels of Nitrogen or phosphorus removal are needed with environmentally-sensititve properties, mixed-use buidlings and/or other high-strength waste ...

    By Bio-Microbics, Inc.

  • P Removal Brochure

    Phosphorus Removal from Catchments: Technology or Source Control 24th February, Nottingham Conference Centre Sponsor 9.40 – 9.45 Conference Opening Catchment Based Approaches 9.45 – 10.20 Understanding the route to WFD compliance in the Clyde Gordon Reid, Wastewater Service Strategy Manager, Strategic Customer Service Planning, Scottish Water ? As well as having to address UWWTD TP ...

    By Aqua Enviro Ltd

  • PVC Calibration Cylinders Brochure

    Griffco Valve Inc. 6010 N.Bailey Ave, Ste 1B Amherst, NY 14226 Phone: 1 800-474-3326 Fax: 1 716-835-0893 PVC CALIBRATION CYLINDERS Griffco calibration cylinders are designed to enhance the performance of chemical feed systems by providing a verification of the flow rate of the chemical feed pump. Robust construction of clear PVC with an easy to read graduation in mls and gph. Available in ...

    By Water Engineering Services

  • Oxidation Ditch System- Brochure

    TRI-OVAL® SystemThe Simplest, Most Efficient Oxidation Ditch System – New or OldThe Tri-Oval® System provides unsurpassed control of the activated sludge process matched with the cost saving benefits of simplified design, installation, and operation. What makes this possible is our unique, patented Aire-O2 Triton® process aerator/mixer that drives fine bubble aeration and complete mixing as deep ...

    By Johnson Equipment Company

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