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tube cleaning (Pipe Cleaning) equipment

  • Tube Cleaning Nozzles

    Projectile Tube Cleaning nozzles are perfectly designed for the mechanical tube cleaning process.  The nozzles are made to fit snugly in each tube in order to make a complete seal and effectively propel projectiles.  Nozzle sizes range from 1/2” to 1¼” (12.700mm to 31.750mm) and are available in ...

    By Projectile Tube Cleaning, Inc. based in Ford City, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Tube Cleaning Nozzles Product line

  • Tube Cleaning Pump

    Projectile’s pumping system is used in conjunction with tube projectiles in order to remove deposit from condenser and heat exchanger tubes. The system works by increasing the available water pressure up to as much as 800 psi in order to propel mechanical projectiles and flush out tube deposits.  Although the pumping system has a ...

    By Projectile Tube Cleaning, Inc. based in Ford City, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Tube Cleaning Pump Product line

  • Model GC11 - Tube Cleaning Gun

    Robinson Combination Air andWater Cleaning Gun is light weight and easy to use. One squeeze of the trigger allows water to lubricate tube and brush. A further squeeze of the trigger propels the brush through the tube. Cleans Condenser or Heat Exchanger Tubes in seconds. For 3/8' to 1 3/8' Tubes. GC11 Gun Complete with Carrying Case.

    By John R. Robinson Inc based in Long Island City, NEW YORK (USA). from Tube Cleaning Gun Product line

  • Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems (CTCS)

    World Class Technology: CTCS are backed by Fengqing’s exclusive tube cleaning technology. We have seven global leading patents. Very High Ball Recovery: Fengqing’s patented technology allows very high ball recovery (collecting rate≧98%) and self-cleaning of the collecting area. Perfect Sealing: Self-latching mechanism design ...

  • Tube Cleaning and Pipe Cleaning

    You are at right place for your requirement of High pressure water jet tube & pipe cleaning by Hydrojetting.Pressure Jet offers tube cleaning and pipe cleaning system and ultra high pressure water jetting equipments for evaporator tube cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning & various pipe cleaning applications. Pressure ...

    By A1 PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. based in Ahmedabad, INDIA.

  • Model AWT-100X - Chiller Tube Cleaning Equipment

    The AWT-100X Air Powered Tube Cleaner is our most powerful unit. It incorporates the same operating principles as the AWT-100. Equipped with a 4 HP (3 kW) drive motor, this machine has the strength needed to clean virtually any tube/pipe 1/4' (6.4mm) I.D. and up. Flexible shafts and accessories are available for both wet or dry applications. The ...

    By Goodway Technologies Corporation based in Stamford, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Chiller Tube Cleaning Equipment Product line

  • Tube Cleaning Water Gun

    Projectile Tube Cleaning’s Water Gun is designed with durability, function, and user friendliness in mind. Compared to other guns on the market, these guns have a smoother trigger action, which reduces user fatigue, and a more durable design and structure that translates to a longer lasting gun. Projectile Tube Cleaning offers their Tube ...

    By Projectile Tube Cleaning, Inc. based in Ford City, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Tube Cleaning Water Gun Product line

  • Ovivo Brackett Green - Automatic Tube Cleaning System

    Removing scale from heat exchangers and condenser tubes is costly and labor-intensive. The productivity lost during such downtime can never be recovered. The Brackett Green automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS) eliminates maintenance costs associated with chemical/offline cleaning. By injecting appropriately sized elastomer balls into the tubes, ...

    By Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies) based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Automatic Tube Cleaning System Product line

  • Helios - Automatic Tube Cleaning System

    The Helios tube cleaning system is installed on heat exchangers and keeps the tubes clean without time-consuming intervention. Specialized cleaning balls are injected at set intervals into the cooling water flow. The balls rub the tubes clean and are then trapped at the outlet of the heat exchanger, where they are prepared for the next cleaning ...

    By Innovas Technologies LLC based in Coralville, IOWA (USA).

  • WSA - Automatic Brush Tube Cleaning Systems

    Chillers are considered the largest users of electricity at commercial and industrial facilities such as hospitals, universities, airports, office buildings, IT, textile, tobacco, automobile, and other industrial facilities. Whether you operate a water cooled heat exchanger/condenser such as a Chiller for temperature and humidity control, or gas ...

    By WSA Engineered Systems based in Wauwatosa, WISCONSIN (USA). from Automatic Brush Tube Cleaning Systems Product line

  • WSA - Automatic Brush Tube Cleaning System for Petrochemical

    Whether you operate a water cooled heat exchanger/condenser such as a vacuum condenser, overhead condenser, steam turbine condenser, gas compressors coolers, etc. or a process heat exchanger, such as crude oil desalter water pre-heater, crude oil pre-heater, SAGD produced water heat exchanger, oil sands froth heat exchanger, etc., reducing fouling ...

    By WSA Engineered Systems based in Wauwatosa, WISCONSIN (USA). from Automatic Brush Tube Cleaning System for Petrochemical Product line

  • Model RAM-PRO - Contractor Chiller Tube Cleaner

    The all new, award winning and powerful RamPro is specifically designed to handle the demanding environment of commercial tube cleaning contracting work like no other chiller tube cleaning system. It boasts a completed redesigned body, updated chain drive system and a patented quick connect shaft connection system that makes short work of brush ...

    By Goodway Technologies Corporation based in Stamford, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Contractor Chiller Tube Cleaner Product line

  • Model RAM-PRO-XL - Contractor Chiller Tube Cleaner

    Chiller tube cleaning better than ever before. Not only does the RAM-PRO-XL® featuring TubeGuard technology clean tubes better than ever, it also protects them from oxidation and corrosion while the chiller is offline after cleaning.  This unit is designed from top to bottom to deliver cleaner chiller tubes. It boasts a completely ...

    By Goodway Technologies Corporation based in Stamford, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Contractor Chiller Tube Cleaner Product line

  • American Aqua Blasters - Cleans Pipes and Tubes from 1” to 24”

    American Aqua Blasters cleans pipes and tubes from 1” to 24” and above, and unplugs, cleans blockages in pipes and tubes large and small. It can navigate 45sand 90s as small as 2 inch. American Aqua Blasters provides superior cleaning including Grease, Tuberculation, Paint, Sand, Barnacles and Marine growth. Our units are better for ...

    By American Aqua Blasters, Inc. based in Weeki Wachee, FLORIDA (USA). from Cleans Pipes and Tubes from 1” to 24” Product line

  • Standard Cleaning Rubber Ball

    In our company, a complete range of cleaning balls has been developed to cope with various types of tube fouling, different tube materials and variable pressure drops in condensers. We have three kinds of rubber balls including standard cleaning balls, peeled cleaning balls and Corundum blended cleaning balls.

  • Pipe Blast Cleaning

    Hodge Clemco pipe cleaning tools are designed to blast clean the interior of pipes, tubes, flues, etc, removing stubborn milscale, rust, carbon, coke, paint, etc. The cleaning action leaves the surface free from dust, abrasive and contaminants ready for the application of long life coating systems. Hodge Clemco’s cleaning tools are suitable ...

    By Hodge Clemco Ltd. based in South Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pipe Blast Cleaning Product line

  • Industrial Tube & Rack Filters

    If your plant depends on industrial tube or rack filters for cleaning the air, you can face a tough predicament when it comes to replacement. Tube and Rack filters are very expensive to replace difficult to size. Many also have specialized coatings such as PTFE. What’s more, lead times for manufacturing rack filters are typically very long ...

    By FilterPro based in East Lynne, MISSOURI (USA).

  • NLB - Model Typhoon - Self Rotating Nozzles

    Typhoon nozzles go beyond traditional self-rotating designs to optimize pipe and tube cleaning efficiency. Their rotating action comes from the nozzle, not the barrel, so the water force is focused up front where it is most effective.

    By NLB Corp. based in Wixom, MICHIGAN (USA). from Self Rotating Nozzles Product line

  • Fiberglass Push Rod

    Projectile Tube Cleaning’s flexible fiberglass rod is used for removing blockages from obstructed tubes.  The rod comes with a durable brass tip for pounding out blockages and the rod is flexible enough to be maneuvered into confined spaces, like condensers.  The fiberglass rods can be cut to any length necessary.

    By Projectile Tube Cleaning, Inc. based in Ford City, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Fiberglass Push Rod Product line

  • Ball Recirulating Pump

    Ball recirculating pump is constant circulating power source of rubber ball in Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems. The water caused by ball screen is sent to cooling inlet tube by enhancing pressure. This pump is special no-obstacle centrifugal pump with many good characteristics such as no build up ball, no crash ball and little attrition for ball ...

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