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  • In-Line Plastic Filter Holder
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    In-Line Plastic Filter Holder


    Plastic In-Line 47 mm particulate. Model C 1.83″, male pipe thread (MPT).

  • In-Line THM Removal Station
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    In-Line THM Removal Station

    By Medora Corporation

    When active THM removal is needed right out of the pipe, Medora's In-Line THM Removal Station is the solution you're looking for. These systems can be customized for virtually any gallons per minute, gallons per day, or ...

  • Waste Extraction Systems
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    Waste Extraction Systems

    By Presona AB

    Presona offers the total solution for rational and effective handling of production waste from the graphic industry, from paper and cardboard manufacturers and from the packaging industry. The Presona waste ...

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  • PS Hard- & Software GmbH

    PS Hard- & Software GmbH

    PS professional solutions hard- & software GmbH started over 16 years ago in 1991 to develop and manufacture products for the field of optical pipe ...

  • IPEX, Inc.

    IPEX, Inc.

    IPEX designs and manufactures one of the world’s largest and most diverse lines of integrated thermoplastic piping systems—pipe, valves, fittings, ...



    PLUGCO is the biggest rubber pipe line test equipment producer in Turkey. PLUGCO team has experience for producing and distributing Pipe Plugs and ...

  • InduMar Products, Inc.

    InduMar Products, Inc.

    InduMar Products has been helping companies get back online quickly and safely since 1986. We provide solutions to refineries, chemical plants, power ...

  • Proco Products, Inc.

    Proco Products, Inc.

    Proco Products, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of piping/ducting system expansion joints. We offer the most complete line of ...