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  • Pipe Plug Accessories
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    Pipe Plug Accessories


    Pipe plug accessories is used with PlugCo products for inflation or controlling the pressure...ex.

  • Egg Shaped Plug for Non-uniform Profiles
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    Egg Shaped Plug for Non-uniform Profiles


    Use an Egg-shaped Test Plug from PLUGCO to test and block the ovoid or oval profiles. That is for un uniform canals. Model designation is Egg – Shaped Plugs (ESP/ESTP). These plugs are used for blocking egg shaped ...

  • Offshore Sub Baskets
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    Offshore Sub Baskets

    By Hoover Ferguson

    Hoover Ferguson offers a full range of smaller size baskets which are built with individual inserts to securely ship subs. Each insert has an overthread protector providing a secure tie down. Each tool can be ...

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    PLUGCO is the biggest rubber pipe line test equipment producer in Turkey. PLUGCO team has experience for producing and distributing Pipe Plugs and ...

  • Trench Shoring Services, Inc.

    Trench Shoring Services, Inc.

    Trench Shoring Services offers over 40 different sizes and strength ratings of trench shields in our standard rental inventories, located in Regional ...

  • Flowstop  Inc.

    Flowstop Inc.

    FlowStop is designed and manufactured by Logos, Inc. specialists in the control and containment of storm drain contamination. FlowStop specializes in ...

  • Perma-Type Rubber

    Perma-Type Rubber

    Perma-Type Rubber Manufacturers of inflatable pipe plugs, bungs, expansion plugs, purge plugs, duct plugs, piping isolation products for applications ...

  • Musthane


    Musthane develops designs and manufactures solutions and products based on two expertise areas: Design to Flexibility : Design & manufacturing of ...