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  • Inflatable Pipe Test Plug
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    Inflatable Pipe Test Plug


    Model designation is Pipe Test Plug (PTP). It is totally same as Pipe Plug (PP) model except that includes bypass connection. Pipe Test Plug (PTP) connection allows water filling inside pipe line if there is no manhole ...

  • Egg Shaped Plug for Non-uniform Profiles
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    Egg Shaped Plug for Non-uniform Profiles


    Use an Egg-shaped Test Plug from PLUGCO to test and block the ovoid or oval profiles. That is for un uniform canals. Model designation is Egg – Shaped Plugs (ESP/ESTP). These plugs are used for blocking egg shaped ...

  • Soft Top Containment Pallet
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    Soft Top Containment Pallet

    By Interstate Products Inc

    The NEW Eagle Soft Top Containment Unit provides protection from the elements for up to four 55 gallon drums with a durable soft top cover built on a 4-drum HDPE containment pallet. Ships unassembled for reduced ...

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    PLUGCO is the biggest rubber pipe line test equipment producer in Turkey. PLUGCO team has experience for producing and distributing Pipe Plugs and ...

  • SpillTech Environmental Incorporated.

    SpillTech Environmental Incorporated.

    SpillTech has manufactured and offered distributors high-performance polypropylene sorbent products for industrial maintenance and spill cleanup. By ...



    PECO, a Fuel Tech, Inc. company, has been providing innovative solutions to electrostatic precipitator applications for more than twenty years. ...

  • H2W LLC

    H2W LLC

    H2W, manufacturers are able to penetrate markets quicker and enjoy larger bottom line returns. H2W connects manufacturers and distributors around the ...

  • PolyEurope B.V.

    PolyEurope B.V.

    PolyEurope bv is located in the heart of The Netherlands. Founded in 1974, the company has become Europe’s full line leading company in the ...