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  • Disc Diffuser Specification Guidelines

    Disc Diffuser Specification Guidelines

    Disc diffusers are an excellent way to deliver aeration for many wastewater facilities.For maximum benefit owners and engineers must make a decision between 2 competing philosophies.Do I want the cheapest system?  Do I want a value system with defined quality?All diffuser systems are sold under one of those 2 specifications!

  • Interpretation of Raptor data, part 1

    In the previous note we briefly covered data collection and the most common processing steps. We concluded that if the raw data is of good quality, especially when it comes to positioning, the ...


  • Custom Mining Plugs

    Custom Mining Plugs

    Fleximake are one Australia’s leading suppliers of high-quality, state of the art flexible products for uses across a range of different sectors. We use sustainably sourced textiles and plastics to create products that can be used in the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Trenchless relining system

    Trenchless relining system

    We are looking for new customers interested in starting a re-lining business or allready in the business but looking for new supplier!At Inpipe Sweden AB your find most of what you need for re-lining of underground gravity pipes.Our commitment is to be your supplier of glass fibre reinforced CIPP-liners, installation equipment, knowledge, service and support and also training of your all your ...

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  • The Water Expo 2020 (9th Edition)

    The Water Expo 2020 (9th Edition)

    TWE is a major trade show and conference presenting equipment, technologies, products & know-how for the WASTEWATER, SEWER INFRASTRUCTURE, ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, PORTABLE SANITATION, WATER QUALITY & HIGH PRESSURE industries. By ATTENDING The Water Expo you can: - meet major suppliers - get the best deals - increase your professional value - connect with innovation - scout distributorships and ...


Oct. 8rd - 10th | Moscow

Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition

Nov. 2rd - 5th | Philadelphia