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  • Why Buy Ventilation Butterfly Valve from China?

    Why Buy Ventilation Butterfly Valve from China?

     Ventilation butterfly valves are available in manual, electric and pneumatic applications. The ventilated butterfly valve is machined into a seal ring using the same material as the valve body. The applicable temperature depends on the material selection of the valve body. The nominal pressure is ≤0.6MPa, which is generally suitable for industrial, metallurgical, environmental protection ...

  • Ash Discharge Valve

    Ash Discharge Valve

     The opening and closing part of the electric plug valve is a gate plate, and the direction of movement of the gate plate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The electric plug valve ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Sewer Camera Skid Set

    Sewer Camera Skid Set

    This small piece of equipment is perfectly designed and fitted to our Viper, Viper-S and SeaSnake inspection systems. The sewer camera skid navigates and stays centered in pipelines from 3.5” and up. It is constructed of lightweight and sturdy composite nylon. No extra parts, skills or manual adjustments are required to set up this accessory. The skid body protects the camera head from ...