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  • Floating Bird Balls
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    Floating Bird Balls

    By Bird-X Inc.

    Floating Bird Balls are much more than just balls. An extremely eco-friendly way to prevent pest bird problems in bodies of water, like airport retention ponds, because they completely cover the water’s surface to ...

  • Oil & Gas Duty Floating Cover
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    Oil & Gas Duty Floating Cover

    By Hexa-Cover A/S

    The unique and patented Hexa-Cover Floating Cover is perfect on almost any type of Oil & Gas tank. Engineered and manufactured in Canada under license from Hexa-Cover® Denmark the Hexa-Cover Oil & Gas Duty ...

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    Ecology of Shallow Lakes

    Ecology of Shallow Lakes brings together current understanding of the mechanisms that drive the diametrically opposite states of water clarity, shown ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Brawler Industries, LLC

    Brawler Industries, LLC

    Brawler Industries is North America`s leading manufacturer of industrial fabrics and liners. Every one of our rugged Brawler Industrial Fabrics and ...

  • Gulnar Plastics Pvt. Ltd

    Gulnar Plastics Pvt. Ltd

    This is a company into the manufacturing of Geomembranes. We make Coated Woven Geomembranes of various thicknesses from 12 mil to 40 mil which all ...

  • ECC, LLC

    ECC, LLC

    ECC has been the leader and most reliable manufacturer of hollow plastic balls used as floating covers. ECC floating ball blankets provide highly ...

  • Landsaver Environmental

    Landsaver Environmental

    Landsaver Environmental has been installing geosynthetic products. Whether you need Erosion Control, Asphalt Paving Fabrics, Synthetic Asphalt ...

  • Hexa-Cover A/S

    Hexa-Cover A/S

    Hexa-Cover Floating Cover is the ideal solution for controlling emission, evaporation, organic growth, odor, heat loss. Also ideal for Bird ...