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  • Benefits and characteristics of W-Tank digesters®

    Benefits and characteristics of W-Tank digesters®

    The digester is an important ally in different projects.It is common to use in areas that lack access to sewage systems, significantly benefits the environment by avoiding aquifer contamination, and is even a perfect choice for construction projects because of ease of installation.The biodigestor has an inlet for the organic material, a space for i


  • LLDPE Geomembrane Liner for Shrimp Pond Project in Indonesia

    Commercial LLDPE geomembrane liner LDPE pond liner and HDPE pond liner is hot sale on the market. Shrimp pond needs to industrially supply shrimp feed, fertilize ponds to promote microbial growth, oxygenate, and regularly change water. There is also ...

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  • Oil Filtration Fabric Rolls

    Oil Filtration Fabric Rolls

    ADsorb-it fabric is made from 100% recycled select fibers from the textile industry; designed with the unique ability to allow the virtually unrestricted flow of salt or fresh water through the fabric at rates of approximately 100 gallons per minute per square foot while retaining oils, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants in the fabric matrix. Provides approximately 100 micron filtration. ...