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Pond Management equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    LG Sonic - Model e-line - Solution for Controlling Algae in Ponds

    The LG Sonic e-line provides an environmentally friendly solution to control algae by making use of ultrasound algae control technology.

    By LG Sonic based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS.

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    LAGOON MASTER - Sludge Activating Aerator

    Recreational ponds, wastewater lagoons, fish grow-out ponds and small, shallow lakes have always exhibited the problem of organic matter collecting on the bottom and eventually becoming polluted. Wastewater lagoons are especially fraught with problems because their purpose is to clean the wastewater to the point that it can be released back into ...

    By Reliant Water Technologies based in New Orleans, LOUISIANA (USA). from Lagoon/Pond Aeration Product line

  • Model PS20 - Pond Series Aeration

    Aerates Ponds up to 2 Acres. Our Pond Series aeration is perfect for those larger ponds and smaller lakes with our quite running rocking piston compressors the units are incredibly cost efficient to install, maintain and operate.

    By Riverdale Water Management / Riverdale Supply based in Carman, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Pond Series Aeration Product line

  • Lagoons

    Lagoons are pond-like treatment systems designed to receive, hold, and treat wastewater for a predetermined period of time. They are often lined with clay or an artificial liner to prevent leaks to the groundwater below. Wastewater leaving a lagoon may require additional treatment, or “polishing,” to accomplish complete nitrification. Entex’s ...

    By Entex Technologies Inc. based in Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Systems We Upgrade Product line

  • Aquadam - Lake and Pond Lining Systems

    Aquadam uk has extensive experience in the geomembrane lining of man made water areas. we provide a cost effective engineered solution to suit all requirements from small detailed water-features to sustancial lakes.

    By Aquadam UK Limited based in Pontefrac, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • AquaVet - Bio Pond Cleaner

    Natural muck and sludge removal in water with heavy organic debris loads. Highly concentrated probiotic formula enhances natural bacteria to aid in decomposition of sludge and bottom muck. Treat all year long with cold/warm water strains. BIOSTART™ complex offers new technology to provide starter food for spores upon entry to water. Apply ...

    By Durvet, Inc. based in Blue Springs, MONTANA (USA). from Pond Management Product line

  • AquaVet - Black Pond Dye

    Requires a shallow water solution that enhances depth by adding a beautiful mirror-like black to your pond.

    By Durvet, Inc. based in Blue Springs, MONTANA (USA). from Pond Management Product line

  • KMD - Model QLSY - slurry magnetic separator for quartz,feldspar

    Slurry magnetic separator adopts intermittent working method. When slurry is fed,4# valve close, then slurry comes through 7# valve to enter into working chamber, coils in working chamber will generate strong magnetic force to attracted the paramagnetic particles to magnetic medium(2),non-magnetic matter will go through 5# valve and then lead to ...

    By Hunan Kemeida Electric Co., Ltd based in Yuyang, CHINA. from Electromagnet Separator Product line

  • Mobile Sediment Pond

    The mobile sediment ponds is an excellent option where water detention is required, but space on site is limited, or the digging of a sediment pond will be limited to a month or two before decommission. The mobile sediment pond is just that - mobile - it can be moved around site as needed.

    By Floc Systems Inc. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • NewTechBio - Model 507 - NT-MAX Koi & Garden Pond Clarifier & Digester - 9 Pound Pail

    NT-MAX Biological Water Clarifier & Digester 9 Pound Pail Perfect for Koi and Decorative Smaller Ponds + FREE Shipping.

    By NewTechBio, Inc. based in Howell, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Lake and Pond Product line

  • Pond Hippo - Pond skimmer

    The Pond Hippo is Eco Pond Rescue's pond skimmer. The Pond Hippo floats on the surface of the pond, only 22' of water is needed, gently drawing in floating weeds, algae and debris. The Pond Hippo's powerful motor can handle up to 2' solids and has no trouble with bottle caps, spoons, straws, acorns, sticks, duckweed, hydrilla, watermeal, ...

    By Eco Pond Rescue based in Seminole, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Pond Liner Materials

    With Stephens Industries having over 59 years’ experience in delivering exceptional services and products throughout the UK, we offer a simple and cost-effective solution to constructing a pond. A great advantage about pond liner materials are they’re easily adapted – dependant on the scale, budget and size of your project, we ...

    By Stephens Industries based in Corsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ponds, Lakes & Lagoons Product line

  • ECO2Capture - Raceway Membrane System

    ECO2Capture open Growth Application with mass transfer unit located adjacent to algae raceway and connected via media transfer lines. Several production methods are used in algaculture with a common method being the use of raceway ponds. By using a relatively shallow pond with water being continuously circulated, with nutrients and CO2 added, ...

    By ECO2Capture, Inc based in Athens, OHIO (USA).

  • Eco-Check for Water Quality Testing (481345)

    Offer your customers an alternative to wet-chemical and time consuming testing. Eco-Check for water quality testing is ideal for everyone from the novice to the experienced. Perfect for Aquarium and Ponds, each water quality strip tests for Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Total Alkalinity and Total Hardness.

    By Industrial Test Systems, Inc. based in Rock Hill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Pond & Aquarium Products Product line

  • AquaMaster Fountains

    AquaMaster fountains are the industry standard in floating fountains and come with a choice of 30 dramatic displays and 1-25 hp motors that accommodate various sized ponds and lakes. Components are fully waterproof and are made of the finest corrosion resistant materials for durability and low maintenance. These top-of-the-line units are ...

    By Texas Lakes and Ponds based in New Braunfels, TEXAS (USA). from LAKE & POND FOUNTAINS Product line

  • Rigid Pond Liners

    In order to offer a quality range of strong pond liners we use Arjun Akash, HDPE Tarpaulins to make them. Fabricated with the pure virgin raw materials these products are UV stabilized and can be used for long time for more than 5 years. These products remain unaffected under the constant exposure of sunlight. With long service life, high ...

    By Arjun Energy Corporation based in Salem, INDIA. from Pond Liners Product line

  • Spirulina Pond Liner

    We Manufacture and supply to all the Spirulina Manufacturers, the PondLining Sheets for their spirulina Ponds. Ours is the Best Product suitable  for spirulina Mfrs, as they are UV Inhibited and are longlasting.

    By Arjun Energy Corporation based in Salem, INDIA. from Pond Liners Product line

  • Big Foot Pond Screen Sled

    The Big Foot pond screen sled is designed for use with a 4' PVC Wrapped on Plastic Screen with a submersible pump inside the screen. When the pump is properly installed it forces the water to pass by the motor to keep it cool. The sled is built with steel and has 8' plastic wheels for ease of installation. Manufactured height of the sled at its ...

    By Big Foot Manufacturing Co. based in Cadillac, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • SKIM - Filtration System

    This is the primary function performed by the SKIM. The efficiency of the system is the result of a water-air exchange through the generation of micro-bubbles under pressure with a sub-micron filtration capacity. This means that all suspended matter – right down to micro-organisms (bacteria etc.) – is trapped in the extracted foam (the ...

    By EMYG Environnement et Aquaculture based in Carnoux en Provence, FRANCE. from Filtration Product line

  • Model KS12 - Slurry Pumps

    With the increasing need for the cleaning of ponds and channels in mind, we have developed this easy-to-handle hydraulic slurry pump. The pump is easy to control and have low maintenance costs.

    By Kjaergaard Maskinfabrik AS based in Tarm, DENMARK. from Slurry Pumps Product line

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