Process Water Filtration

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Palm Oil Wastewater

    Palm Oil Wastewater

    Palm oil is not only the highest yielding cheap vegetable oil on the earth but also a safe raw material for edible oils and daily chemicals, and a raw material for biofuel. As a raw material for edible vegetable oils, chemical raw materials and biofuel, palm oil has attracted worldwide attention in the process of ecological protection and industrial pollution. As a result,

  • Primary Brine Purification

    Primary Brine Purification

    Ceramic Membrane Brine Purification Solution (hereinafter called CBS Process) is a well- proven process for brine water treatment, which can guarantee to offer high quality, stable and reliable ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Gravity Filter

    Gravity Filter

    Filtration capacity 6.5 – 62.0 m3/h. The gravity filter INTERFILT SK is an open sand filter system for extremely economical water treatment. The filter system operates with differential pressure-controlled backwashing and an integral backwashing water tank.