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Fuel Cell Technologies: State And Perspectives

by Springer

Fuel Cells have become a potentially highly efficient sustainable source of energy and electricity for an ever-demanding power hungry world. The two main types of fuel cells ripe for commercialisation are the high temperature solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and the low temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEM). The commercial uses of ...;

Stormwater (Poster)

by Coastal Training Technologies (part of Dupont Sustainable Solutions)

Say it with posters!Provides specific ways in which individuals and workplaces can make a difference by keeping water supplies clean and reducing stormwater runoff.Posters are 18' x 24' laminated color. A quantity discount will be applied for 10 or more posters once added to your cart. ;


by Springer

This is the first book entirely devoted to travertine, a material in use for over 4000 years. The single-author work is a valuable reference source for travertine, covering all aspects of travertine origins, formation, composition, flora and fauna, occurrence and utilisation, as well as covering allied continental carbonates such as lake marls, ...;

ISO and IEC Selected Standards for the Plastics Industry, 2nd Edition(distributed by ASTM)

by ASTM International

The latest ISO and IEC standards most frequently used by the plastics industry are now available in one updated convenient volume. 77 ISO standards cover: • Flexural Properties; • Water Absorption; • Environmental Influences on Properties; • Charpy Impact Strength; • Izod Impact Strength; • Tensile Properties; • ...;

Let's Talk Safety 2015: 52 Talks on Common Utility Safety Practices for Water Professionals

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Stop wondering what to talk about and spending your valuable time preparing presentations. Let’s Talk Safety makes it easy for safety officers to spend a few minutes each week communicating with employees about the critical importance of working safely. This quick and easy book provides 52 short briefings tailored specifically for water utility ...;

Collaborative actions for sustainable water management

by Earthprint Ltd

The sustainable management of water makes an important contribution to the achievement of social and economic development. This can only be done through all sectors working closely together. The 'Collaborative Actions' presented in this document identify steps that business can take, in interaction with other stakeholders, to ensure sustainable ...;

Progressive Development

by Springer

The book is based on the results of the investigations of the authors in the semi-arid and arid regions (ASAR) of the globe. These investigations brought to the conclusion that the warming climate will cause the drying up of the water resources in these regions. In this case the principles of Sustainable Development will not be able to avert ...;

The Evolution of Water Resource Planning and Decision Making

by Earthprint Ltd

This broad review of the development of US water resource policy analysis and practice offers perspectives from several disciplines: law, economics, engineering, ecology and political science. While the historical context provided goes back to the early 19th century, the book concentrates on the past 60 years and features a discussion of the ...;

Climatic Changes and Water Resources in the Middle East and North Africa

by Springer

'Climatic Change and Water Resources in the Middle East and North Africa' is dedicated to high-priority topics related to the impact of climate change on water resources in a water scarce region. The subject is described and discussed in three main chapters and different case studies. The three main chapters are (1) Climatic changes - sources and ...;

Water and Drainage Law

by Thomson Reuters (West)

The author provides an up-to-date survey of water and drainage law in England and Wales, covering everything from sewerage to flood defenses and freshwater fisheries. This volume discusses water management and resource issues, reservoirs and dams, water supply, and the quality of drinking water. It examines applicable statutes in their common-law ...;

Threats to Global Water Security

by Springer

Water resources are under threat in many parts of the world. Climate change and natural disasters like earthquakes are aggravating already critical situations. But a significant number of threats are posed directly by human interference and failings. A major theme in the book is the need for preparedness. Poor risk assessment, lack of emergency ...;

Threats to Global Water Security

by Springer

Water resources are under threat in many parts of the world. Climate change and natural disasters like earthquakes are aggravating already critical situations. But a significant number of threats are posed directly by human interference and failings. A major theme in the book is the need for preparedness. Poor risk assessment, lack of emergency ...;

Handbook of Waste Management and Co-Product Recovery in Food Processing: Volume 1

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

With its distinguished editor and army of international contributors, Waste Management and Co-Product Recovery in Food Processing reviews the latest developments in this area. The book introduces the field, focussing on legislation and consumer interests, the principle drivers of waste management. It addresses the minimization of biowaste and the ...;

Ecology of Baltic Coastal Waters

by Springer

This volume provides the first comprehensive overview of the enormous ecological diversity of Baltic coastal ecosystems. A short introduction into the Baltic Sea as a reference ecosystem is followed by detailed descriptions of the characteristics of coastal ecosystems. Ecological case studies from the following four regions illustrate the ...;

Sol-Gel Methods for Materials Processing

by Springer

Sol-gel processing is a soft-chemistry method to obtain functional materials at low temperatures. This route can be used to produce very sophisticated nanomaterials and to tailor the materials to very specific applications. Adsorption and detection of pollutants, water purification and soil remediation represent challenging fields of application ...;

Status of USA Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Surveillance for Radiation Effects

by ASTM International

The objective of this publication is to provide useful information on the surveillance of USA light water reactors. It reports on current programs to assess the degree of radiation-induced change in properties of steels, which make up the primary pressure containtment vessel on all light water reactors.;

Upgrading & Retrofitting Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants - MOP 28

by Water Environment Federation (WEF)

Upgrading and retrofitting represents the largest investment a public or private utility will make. This is an especially difficult procedure because the rest of the plant must continue to operate soundly during the upgrading effort. This Manual of Practice covers the latest upgrading and retrofitting procedures and shows how to avoid common ...;

Law of Water Rights and Resources (Environmental Law Series)

by Thomson Reuters (West)

This treatise offers insights into the regulation and administration of water rights, along with water allocation and distribution law. It includes expert presentation of the major water doctrines, detailed analysis of water allocation law, proprietary water rights, federal water resource regulation, and water resource planning.;

Water Resources in the Middle East

by Springer

This book presents various approaches to the resolution of the severe water resources shortages and issues of the Middle East, with particular emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian water conflicts. The authors include leading Palestinian, Israeli and international water experts who have worked together for a number of years, many in joint research ...;

European Margin Sediment Dynamics

by Springer

The book provides acoustic images about sedimentary systems of the shelf edge, slope and deep-sea-floor. The knowledge gained can be used by both academia and hydrocarbon industry in a better understanding of continental margins and the processes shaping them. It is also of interest to colleagues in earth sciences involved in margin surveys for ...;

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