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  • Successful Use of Decanters for Vegetable Oil Clarification

    Successful Use of Decanters for Vegetable Oil Clarification

    AO Kazan Oil Extraction Plant is one of the largest oilseed processing plant in Russia. In 2018, they decided to install an additional decanter. AO KMEZ decided to implement a Flottweg decanter Z6E-4/401. The decanter operates 24/7 hours and clarifies pressed oil with a capacity of up to 750 tons per day. Due to its specific features, the German decanter delivers the clarified oil in constant ...

  • MIDES Project

    The production of low-cost drinking water from sustainable resources is still the biggest challenge facing the world. Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination is broadly used to produce drinking water. ...


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  • Frac Water Reuse Technologies

    Frac Water Reuse Technologies

    The worldwide energy sector has accelerated the development of its unconventional oil and gas resources through increased use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing practices. Water is an essential element in the fracturing process and the recycling or reuse of spent water can dramatically reduce costs. The volume of water required to fracture a well varies, but it generally ranges from ...