Water and Wastewater Equipment in Asia & Middle East

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    Tana - Drum Screen

    A smart drum screen that optimizes your processes. Twin scales measure the production of coarse and fine grain in real time. TANA SMART SITE enables remote monitoring of operations. Pre-settings for processing different materials. Shredder and screen can be linked and monitored together with Tana’s revolutionary Smart Site. Wheel loaders and ...

    By Tana Oy Distributor in Beijing, CHINA. from Drum Screen Product line

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    DEVISE - Model UF PACK - Package Ultrafiltration Systems for Greywater Treatment and Wastewater Tertiary Treatment

    The UF-PACKTM is a system used for Greywater Treatment as well as Tertiary Wastewater Treatment for reuse applications. It is based on the ultrafiltration (UF) technology using low-fouling hollow fiber membranes and can provide high quality water effluent. It is unique due to its compactness, effectiveness, and ease of installation.DEVISE ...


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    In-Situ RDO - Model PRO-X - Dissolved Oxygen Probe

    The RDO PRO-X Probe is EPA-approved for Clean Water Act programs, using optical technology to measure dissolved oxygen and temperature in demanding process environments. The RDO PRO-X Probe lets NPDES permit holders monitor influent, effluent, and treatment processes, responding quickly to oxygen and temperature changes for more accurate results. ...

    By In-Situ, Inc. Office in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Dissolved Oxygen Probe Product line

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    KINAX - Model N702-INOX - Absolute Inclination Transmitter

    The KINAX N702-INOX is a very robust, absolute inclination transmitter which is ideal due to its high mechanical strength and the hermetically sealed stainless-steel housing particularly suited for use in harsh environments. It offers a high protection to aggressive media such as sea water and detergent. The very simple assembly by the synchro or ...

    By Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG Office in HuaYuan, CHINA. from Absolute Inclination Transmitter Product line

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    Level TROLL - Model 700H - Data Logger

    The Level TROLL 700H is the most accurate water level data logger on the market today, meeting the USGS surface water specification of ±0.01 foot. The Level TROLL 700H provides continuous water level, water pressure, and temperature measurements, with titanium construction for durability and long-lasting performance in any environment. ...

    By In-Situ, Inc. Office in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Data Logger Product line

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    Flottweg - Z8E Industrial Centrifuge

    The Flottweg Z8E: The Giant DecanterWith the new Z8E decanter centrifuge, Flottweg is extending its product range and setting new standards. Right from the start of development of the Z8E, the target was set of concentrating on the specific requirements of an extremely wide range of industries. The modular design of this decanter centrifuge means ...

    By Flottweg SE Office in Shanghai, CHINA.

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    C&G - Model ES Series - Vacuum Evaporators

    The ES series are horizontal development evaporators with an outer shell for the heat exchange, while the distillate condensation chamber is located above this. The vacuum system guarantees minimum energy expenditure. The distance between the free surface of the effluent being treated and the collection plate prevents drag out. and therefore ...

    By C&G Depurazione Industriale S.r.l. Distributor in Morqab, KUWAIT. from Vacuum Evaporators Product line

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    WTW - Model FDO® 700 IQ - Monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen to control aeration on a wastewater treatment plant

    The optical and calibration free sensor with flexible cable length delivers reliable readings for monitoring and control dissolved oxygen.Increase efficiency with precise measurements, low operating costs, minimal maintenance and reduced energy costs.

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    WasteWater Treatment Solutions

    Anguil Aqua is a true single source provider of fully integrated, turn-key water treatment systems for the Industrial and Remediation Markets. Making the investment in people, processes and resources, Anguil maintains in-house control of mission-critical aspects impacting the delivery of high quality water treatment systems.  Our approach is ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. Office in Wujiang City, CHINA.

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    Tekran - Model 1306 - Water Filtration System

    The Tekran® Model 1306 Water Filtration System is an inexpensive, convenient source of deionized, mercury free water for the Series 3300 Mercury CEM. With two stages of pre-filtration eliminating particulate and organic contamination, the final stage R/O membrane and ion-exchange filters have extremely long life.

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation Distributor in Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL. from Water Filtration System Product line

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    Aqua TROLL - Model 500 - Multiparameter Sonde

    Whether you are spot checking a tank or conducting long-term monitoring at remote sites, the Aqua TROLL 500 has you covered. This cost-effective multiprobe enables wireless data collection when used as a handheld, plus easy integration with control systems and telemetry for long-term installation. With interchangeable sensors, the Aqua TROLL 500 ...

    By In-Situ, Inc. Office in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Multiparameter Sonde Product line

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    Six Stage Reverse Osmosis

    6 stage Reverse Osmosis system with single faucet, AIMRO mineralizing cartridge and a pump. Made of NSF and WRAS certified components. Due to the high membrane quality it is possible to purify up to 280 liters of water per day. Small micron rating 0,0001 µm, allows to remove most contaminants from water including bacteria and viruses. System ...

    By Etaniv B.Y ltd based in Bazra, ISRAEL. from Six Stage Reverse Osmosis Product line

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    Biometra - Model Eco-Maxi - Electrophoresis System

    Eco-Maxi comes with glass plates with 21 cm width and 20 cm length. Eco-Maxi is also compatible for Maxigel glass plates. For electrophoretic separation under controlled temperature conditions the use of the EBC buffer tank with cooling option (integrated water circulation system) is recommended. The problem of smiling effects and ineffi cient ...

    By Analytik Jena AG Office in Moscow, RUSSIA. from Electrophoresis System Product line

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    Automated Reservoir Filling

    The reagent reservoirs with automated filling are designed for the storage of liquids, such as buffers or DMSO. The inflow is performed by a peristaltic pump, which can be attached to an external module or a stacker. The reservoirs are equipped with a level sensor and swelling plates.

    By Analytik Jena AG Office in Moscow, RUSSIA. from Automated Reservoir Filling Product line

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    Fluence Aspiral™ - Model S1 - Smart Packaged Wastewater Solutions

    Treats up to 20-25 m3/d of raw municipal wastewater. Includes integral clarifier and pretreatment screen. Arrives fully equipped and checked for fast installation and startup.

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Caesarea, ISRAEL. from Smart Packaged Wastewater Solutions Product line

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    Biometra - Model Vacu-Blot - Blotting

    Fast Transfer: Transfer of nucleic acids to membranes during Southern or Northern analysis was traditionally done by capillary blotting, a time-consuming procedure that usually takes up to 12 hours. With vacuum blotting, transfer times can be reduced to 15 – 60 minutes, depending on the size of the DNA.

    By Analytik Jena AG Office in Moscow, RUSSIA. from Blotting Product line

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    Fluence - Water Reuse System

    With water scarcity threatening many parts of the world, more municipalities and private companies are exploring ways to treat and reuse wastewater to help secure their water supplies. Fluence’s containerized ECOBOX™ water reuse system provides an affordable, plug-and-play solution that can be commissioned and start producing water ...

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Caesarea, ISRAEL. from Water Reuse System Product line

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    Fluence NIROBOX™ - Model SW - Containerized Seawater Desalination Plant

    Containerized seawater desalination solutions ensure water availability in a wide range of applications. NIROBOX™ SW is a modular, high-output, membrane-based and efficient seawater desalination solution that offers pretreatment, reverse osmosis, and post-treatment – all housed in a single, self-contained 40-foot shipping container.

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Caesarea, ISRAEL. from Containerized Seawater Desalination Plant Product line

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    Fluence MONSOON - Paddle-Wheel Aerators

    Individually or in groups, MONSOON floating paddle-wheel aerators develop large flow patterns and produce strong horizontal mixing and high oxygen transfer for oxidation of ditches, lagoons, and tanks. Available models range in speeds of 5 to 30 horsepower (3.75 to 22.5 kilowatts).

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Caesarea, ISRAEL. from Paddle-Wheel Aerators Product line

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    BÜCHI - Model V-600 - Vacuum Pump

    The powerful and quietly operating three-stage PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump is robust and chemically resistant. It operates at the maximum flow rate of 3.1 m3/h and achieves an ultimate vacuum of 1.5 mbar. Thanks to its high flexibility, the Vacuum Pump V-600 can be integrated effortlessly into any BUCHI laboratory or industrial evaporator for ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Office in Moscow, RUSSIA. from Vacuum Pump Product line

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